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Abnormal penis skin

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Hello, I’m 19 and I’ve had this issue with me penis where the skin around it comes off and becomes very itchy and somewhat dryish while the otherside is completely normal. I’ve had this problem for a while now. I wanted to know what is causing this issue and how can i fix it as it’s becoming more serious and sort of freaking me out now. Thanks

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Have you had any flu like symptoms? Go to your pharmacept and ask about creams which helps thw growth of the skin. Do you use your nails there to clean yourself? Use not that strong cleaning preparats. I use nivea shower gel which is even good for masturbation.

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I haven’t had any flu for a while, I haven’t used my nail to clean it but it gets really itchy and well i itch it pretty hard and my skin gets cut. I don’t really masturbate that often, this really scares me somehow. Can it be signs of cancer or fungal infections?

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It is not cancer. After shaving apply some cream and do not scratch. It will began to heal. Just resist it. If it doesnt heal within a week or two or just dont see a difference go and see a doctor

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Thanks mate! Much appreciated

That is dry skin....after you shaving please apply lotion too make it moist

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Is that only the case? Because there is a somewhat big black spot at left side too which I couldn’t upload the picture since i could only upload 1 picture.

Also any recommended lotions? I just use nivea for my face and hands sometimes.

Don’t shave it for a month or so but just moisturise the skin. I think your shaving is aggravating the skin and giving a reaction.

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Thanks, i guess I’ll shave now and moisturize it for now, but what about everytime i take a shower? Am i not supposed to clean it with a soap or just use a specific soap?

Use a mild neutral soap. Maybe try a baby bath product?

See a dermatologist to get it diagnosed. It’s a skin disease.

It looks like a yeast infection. You can treat that with athlete's foot medicine that contains Clotrimazole.

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Are you sure it’s a yeast infection? Because first of all there should be this sticky thing which I’ve seen people have it and its usually white dots around the top of the penis but mine is at the sides and not on my penis at all.

No, I am not sure. Just a possibility, not a certainty. See your doctor.

It looks like a severe dryness of penis. As I know, there are many reasons for this problem, like shaving, yeast infections, or fungal infections. You can see a doctor to find out the cause. To get relief from itching, apply coconut oil. If this does not work for you, consider using antifungal creams like Fugacil. It helps a lot with my intense itching and fungal rashes on my groin and inner thighs. Plus, regularly moisturize the skin of your penis. Do not use harsh soaps. Keep your penis dry, clean and fresh. Wear cotton underwear. Take care!

I think exfoliating the area will work wonders :)

This seems like fungal infection. It is called tinea cruris. go to dermatologist and he will tell you detail if tht is the disease. ointment and medication will be helpful in this and hygiene is most imp thing.

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