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Have I made the right choice?.

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Not sure if this is the right place but thought I would ask.

Its been along time as for past 11 years ive been wanting my own place and last week I moved out of my parents into my own apartment. Its took 11 years because my parents always said that I couldn't move out. I'm 38 and admit I do have learning difficulties but can cope. My parents wasn't willing to help and I knew I needed help and asked them but they wouldn't. 11 years later now I have my own apartment and they are helping me every bit of way. Even though its only been 2 days it doesnt feel right I dont no if it because ive relied on my parents all my life and need time to adjust or have I made the wrong choice. I no my parents are not getting any younger and both are retired and at some point I will be on my own but have I made the right choice?.

Sorry I just wanted to get it off my chest.

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Hi mate what your feeling is normal and everybody who moves out of there parents house feels this way for a while, no matter what age you are, it's just homesick and you will get over it and trust me living on your own will be better and after you get over the home sickness you wouldn't be able to cope living with your parents again because everyone has there own rules in there house and ways they live and yours will be different to there's, you'll have you own independence and will be able to do whatever you want when you want, you'll be fine just give it time

It's a big adjustment. Give yourself time and patience to get used to the change. Make sure you have other help from friends, neighbours, voluntary and official services and the wider community.

Hi thanks. It will feel better also when I move there permanently as at the moment including now I'm at my parents as still got no internet. Today though ive sorted it out with my dad which I gone with talk talk. I also bought a new 49" 4k TV for living room which I cant wait to start playing games on. I have a xbox One X and a PC and looking forward to play Flight sim X which I love flight simulator games. Should have internet up and running by next week if no problems.

I am going away though a week on Monday with my parents for week in a caravan which was already booked but looking forward to that as it is on coast.

Oh not too bothered about the weather as there are amusements with over 18 slots in. :D

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