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Jock itch or something else

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Does anyone here experience intense itching and circular rash that occur in the groin?What could it be? And, what did you do with it?

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Apply creams there. It shouldnt be something to be worried about.

Sounds like ringworm. Athletes Foot cream should help.

Thank you! I'm applying an antifungal cream and it seems to be working. Itching has been reduced so much. Reddish rashes have been faded off.

What kind of antifungal creams are you using? I've been getting jock itch for almost 2 months now and I got it treated with prescribed antifungals with no results. Applying coconut oil just can give a little relief, but it does not cure my jock itch.

Fugacil. You can come to the pharmacy and ask for it

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