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Got a circumcision yesterday bandage fell off 2 hours later, they check me out didnt give me anything said take panadol thats it, been bleeding not major , but every time penis touches my pants it grows abit and hurts bleeds lil didnt sleep at all last night work up every hour what do i do rang hospital check out they cant do a thing now unless i check back in but they hopless my gp appointment in 2 days

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R u pose to see the stiches swelling covers it first day onwards i cant see them

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Cipher in reply to HYPER1986

Its individual a depends on the kind of circumcision. It is pretty normal not to see the stitches and incision part due to swelling or skin covering it.

Well yes, your penis glans touching your underwear is going to be quite uncomfortable for a while. One thing you can use for it is to put a gauze with vaseline in your underwear on the tip of your penis to reduce the friction.

Some bleeding post circumcision is normal. Apply pressure to the point where its bleeding and it should stop after a minute or two. It only becomes a concern if it doesn't stop bleeding after 3 minutes when applying pressure.

The first days are the most uncomfortable. You can take some pain killers like ibuprofen but if its bearable try to go without as pain killers may thin your blood and with your on and off minor bleeding it could be annoying.

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HYPER1986 in reply to Cipher

Reading ur reply makes me feel at ease abit pain there however thank you cipher

Now all you need to do is stay at home for the next 7 days, keep your bottoms uncovered for those days, and do not take a shower until your 5th day. In the meantime just spot-wash areas of your body.

Let any bleeding spots thicken and blot up on their own to create a seal. Try not to let yourself have any erections, and lay down as much as possible.

Make a new post with a photo attached of your current condition for visual reference

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