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Nearly 3 weeks Post Circumcision

I just wondering what do you do if the areas that are stitched are really dry, like scabs do i just leave them and let it fall off and fully heal. There is some dry blood around the head but my GP said its ok and i had some inflammation that he gave me steroid cream for. But so far i can wear normal underwear and walk properlym dreading work though as i work close with people and i just have to be over cautious

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After the first few days it is perfectly fine to "wash" your penis under a stream of warm water, or dipping your penis is a bowl with salt water, or chamomile tea. You should wash your penis head every time you go to the bathroom to keep it clean. Just a rinse is enough. You shouldn't soak more than 3 minutes or so, otherwise you might cause your stitches to come out prematurely.

Scabs forming isn't necessarily bad, as it might protect from infection, however when dried, and you get erect, it might cause them to break and bleed a little. Therefore it is good to keep the area moist, but not wet. You can apply a local cream like Neosporin if it is available to you around the incision area.

If you'd have issues walking around dressed, put a gauze with medical vaseline on your penis head in your underwear as to reduce friction if it is an issue.

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You seem to be doing OK. When healing is complete, you will end up with a nice circumcision scar.



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