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On Track?

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Since 1st January 2018 I have increased my running to 3 times a week to now achieve 10k’s at 56 minutes and 5k’s at 25 minutes. I intermittent fast so eat healthy from 12 till 8 each day. Consume 1300kcal max per day and drink lots of water and vitamins. I have went from 16-4 to 14 stone. But my goal is 13 stone. I have stalled on weight loss recently and remain at 14 stone. Looking to get advice to achieve goal in a realistic and healthy way. 👍🏻😀

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Not familiar with "stone" for weight measures, I assume you're from the UK. However I would perhaps suggest not going so low with your calorie intake. Keep it around 2k calories, as 2k to 2,5k is basic "keeping up your body" amount and instead increase your exercise.

Cardio is great but for actual weight loss and muscle gain, try to lift weights too. The combination will get you better results as well as add to overall body balance.

If you want to focus also more on weight loss try the Keto diet, works wonders if done right.

Good luck man!

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Cheers Cipher. Will look at the Keto diet and have dug out my old weighs to start adding definition. 👍🏻😀

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