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Reaction from wives and girlfriends

I got circumcised in the summer of 2014 owing to a long standing phomosis and sporadic infections.

It was absolutely a positive experience for me. My then girlfriend and now wife was very supportive. As I am her first circumcised partner she has admitted that she wouldn't want it any other way and that sex is more spontaneous especially oral.

Are my experiences common ??

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Yes mate. My wife can't leave it alone now. It feels so much better for me too. Win win

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She calls it the bald man. I can see where she us heading !

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To be honest my wife did not say anything until asked, and then she said it felt thinner ? Very supportive, Not !

As for sex it was great at first as we had not done it for so long but now we back to normal. Do not get me wrong, normal can be good. This past seven days four times, Seven days prior once. As for Oral, still high days and holidays. Sigh ...


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