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So I have a penis problem

So, I never used this site before but hi!

So at the back of the penis head, there is a small red tissue that is still connected, which stops me from pulling my foreskin all the way back in both flaccid and erect forms.

Anyone have advice or some pointers or even can tell me what is this?



I'm not going to lie, I don't want to tell anyone about this, especially with me being lengthwise challenged in that area

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Tom the bit of connecting skin is very probably the frenulum. It’s normal to have it, but if you are having problems retracting your foreskin then it’s probably a case of phimosis. This can be treated by creams and stretching, but in more extreme cases circumcision may be advised. You should see your GP for a referral to a urologist if necessary. Don’t worry - it’s very common.


Agree with middleagebloke. Try stretching and do not worry about size most blokes are an average, beside no medical professional is going to be the slightest interested in your penis size.

Good luck


It’s your frenulum. You can lengthen it by stretching. There are two ways. Retract to the limit and hold for five minutes, doing that four times or more per day. Also, grasp the end of your foreskin where this attachment is located and pull gently but firmly away from your body for five minutes, four times or more per day.


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