Dissolving Stitches

Ok so I think I have made it to day 12 after Circumcision.i decided to stop dressing/gauzing the scar n stitched area.i figured I should let it air dry from here on out.i can still see the sutures no change how long does it take them to completely dissolve or should I go have them removed?its starting to heal up am guessing from the texture of the wound.still taping up my glans tho just leave a little hole to pee thru can’t handle the sensitivity to be honest so scar is out for two days now it’s drying up I hope that’s a good thing !

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  • Two weeks maybe longer if they are bothering you that much you can go to the gp and the nurse will take them out for you.

  • the Dr who did my circumcision advised it can take upto 6 weeks, the stitches get itchy in the day i just apply a little baby oil and warm water but salt baths are recommended and you start seeing the threads dissolving in the water every time i do it

  • Ok so today morning I noticed some stitches had dissolved and I think a boner I had at night as well got some to stretch so some are hurting now

  • 17 days and my stitches are still there but it doesn’t hurt anymore

  • That’s the thing I wasn’t feeling a thing ...but today morning they felt off .but will let them keep dissolving I guess

  • That’s what I’m doing when I get erections it’s a little tender where my frenulum was because the scab is under the stitches and occasionally throughout the day at Work walking around it feels uncomfortable but manageable

  • So question how long should I keep with the salt baths ...? Any ideas

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