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I'm 25 years old, I had a problem with my frenulum so I had to do circumcision 5 days ago, at first everything was ok, but now I think there is a problem I am experiencing a clear discharge and I go to pee frequently compared to before op, I erect during the night and the shaft is curved alil. My question is do I have to worry about all this signs or I should see the doctor?

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These all sound normal to me, it's been 17 days since my op, first week or so I peed like a race horse, clear discharge goes away on it's own so try not to stress.

As for the curve, I have a natural curve on my penis slightly so it's hard to judge, things are still very swelled up 5 days though I bet, it'll sort itself out once healed no doubt

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Like James said I’m 11 days into my circumcision the swelling has gone and everything is looking good, I had cloudy wee/ discharge a little bit after it’s all normal.just let nature take its cause this time next week you will be well into healing and last week would have been a bad dream 😂 hang in there and be patient 👍


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