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Sex does not last long time


My name is Andrew. and I am 25years old

I had sex with my girlfriend week ego. She didn't really enjoy sex because it didn't last for a long time, Once inserting my penis into her genital - we both are able to enjoy a lot but sperm released just in 20 to 30 seconds or less than a min.

However, when I do masturbation I am able to release sperm in just five minutes.

could you please advise me on that.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much

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Its very common. Sperm is released due to anxiety . During masturbating lubrication from female fluid doesn't happen on your glans. You have to learn how to extend it. Start in dry condition.Gradually feel the lubrication. Don't be in a hurry. Talk kiss, bite, suck, bite, wait and wait you will retain for more and more period. Every couple needs to learn how to extend the period. Each needs to cooperate. It is the oldest and natural sports in the world. There are many techniques. The female should have more foreplay such that she comes first . Then you will not feel difficulty. Alternative is talking and sharing and caressing each other's body body parts , smells etc. Take in and take out , wait for long. Tell her to go oral . It is most interesting . See what is Kegel Exercise in internet. If at all doesn't work take some medicine in consultation with a psychiatrist. Usually dapoxetine 30 works. Wish you both have a most sensitive and longlasting unforgettable orgasm together which takes you to the heaven . Good Luck.


It's just premature ejaculation. It will all improve as your relationship and confidnece improves. There are a number of drugs which can help if the problem persist for some months


You can get a gel which defers/delays ejaculation. Your local Chemist/Drug-store might actually have some.


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