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Questiom on facial hair

Hi Im new here but I have a quick question about something that has just freaked me out.

I have recently started to for the first time let my facial hair grow to form a beard and I am just about to turn 21. When I checked in the mirror today I noticed that some of the hairs in patches coming through are white/very pale in colour around my mouth region. I have also been having some irritation from the hairs in and around that region. I am just wondering if this was normal and if it will colour up, or it will be pale forever?

I have had some trouble with my facial hair in the past which might be related? I used to suffer from trichotillomania with my facial hair, but generally only affects the areas around my chin. Perhaps this has caused damage to the follicles? I also didnt grow much facial hair until a year or two ago, since which it has started to grow thicker.

Thanks for reading.

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I suspect the colour wont change. Whether your previous problem was responsible is debatable


I have no experience of this but believe it is not uncommon to have lighter hair colour in parts. Maybe see a barber for a shave or haircut and just ask has he seen it before.


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