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Questions about circumcision

Hi Guys,

Going in for circumcision due to phismosis on Monday and have a few questions.

How long does it take to be fit enough to go back to work?

The NHS booklet I was given also says no sex for 3 weeks but this seems very short and i was wondering how long most of you had to wait before sex/Masturbation was ok?


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3 weeks sounds about right


Suggest you stay of work for a few days. 3 to 4 weeks seems right


Depends on the type of work you do. Office work 5 to 7 days. Manual work 3 weeks


As others have suggested the time varys from person to person. The leaflet given to me said at least six weeks before sex. And although desperate I did wait the six weeks before carefully venturing into that territory. All was fine but not very satisfying, probably due to nerves, but very welcome non the less ! All fine now. As for work a lot depends on your job. My job is not very physical but does require a lot of movement. My employer would not have me back for eight weeks. I would advise tight fitting pants when doing anything physical to reduce movement, for that's what caused me most pain.

Good luck


So, I was circ'd on Independence Day this year (lol), I took a week off work but I honestly felt like I could go back to work on the 3rd or 4th day, the worst day for me was the day after surgery, that's only because of how sensitive it was and having nothing there covering the glans anymore. I'm nearly fully healed at this point but I have had some complications. Probably going to give it a few more weeks before trying sex though I think


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