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Excess gas getting built up in stomache and is trying to escape through anus

Hi, I am 24, 163cm and is weighing 55kg. I am suffering from a rather disturbing problem. Excess gas is getting built up in stomache when you sit continuously even for 15 mins so that I have to go to the toilet to get away with that. AndI have to do this in ,say, every 2hrs which is disturbing. Bowel movements are not proper as i have to pass stool twice just in the morning itself, one after waking up and the other after bbreakfast which is also ubnormal. I am currently taking psylium husk as morning supplement but still there is no improvementcolonoscopy tests showed that i have haemorrhoids, but nothing too much. What should i do and which type this belongs to, like should i consult a gastro enterologist or is there something else?

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Have u any pain. I pass lots of wind but also painful spasms in bowels. Docs say its ibs but i dont know. Sometimes the pain is almost unbearable


Absolutely no pain. Just a tendency to pass wind after sitting for few minutes and it is irritating. This tendency repeates many times a day.


It sounds like irritable bowel. Not serious and hopefully controlled by diet.A tendency to these symptoms is something that you will need to learn to live with

The FODMAP diet is the one to go for.


Could you please explain a bit more? How to get to that it is actually IBS ? What are the treatments if it is IBS and what can this be if it isn't IBS


colitis/ serious pathology has been excluded by your colonoscopy.

Irritable bowel is the commonest cause of these symptoms at your age especially if you are a worrier. Why look for other rare explanations unless you are losing more weight or getting other more serious symptoms

FODMAP diet is the best treatment . Why not just give it a go?

What does your doctor say?


I suffer from IBS but mine is caused by anxiety and I get bloated (trapped wind in stomach and indigestion) but when I have a bad episode I get a burning sharp pain in the middle of my abdomen just below my rib cage that can last a few hours. I would say, like the others, that your symptoms are IBS related. The trouble with IBS is that it can sometimes just happened without much warning, just like mine did and I’m only 21, but I have been suffering with it for 7 years now.


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