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An unusual orgasmic ability?

I am a long time married, monogamous heterosexual male with a regular and healthy sex life and an unusual ability. I can orgasm without stimulation or ejaculation as many times as I want, whenever I want (and sometimes when I don’t want). By orgasm, I mean the increasing build up of pleasure culminating in a definitive climax of pleasure, but because there is no ejaculation and therefore no resolution phase, I can continue building up the pleasure until a climax is reached again and again. I realize that many people will be very skeptical about this, but it is absolutely true.

When I have described these experiences to my wife, she said that what I am experiencing sounds very much like a female orgasm. One of the best ways I can describe it is as follows:

1. The male orgasm is a pursuit of or a journey towards a destination which is ejaculation. This coincides with an orgasmic release but the two the two are quite separate. Getting there is like riding a horse towards a cliff edge. Once you have galloped over the cliff, there is a relatively tiny amount of time when you have not started falling. That and the actual falling sensation is the end point.

2. The orgasms I experience are different, in that they are passive. The orgasms come to me! Imagine being on a sandy beach when the tide is coming in. You are still and the waves come from all directions, cascading and in multiples touching and lapping against your body. At first gently and getting stronger and stronger until they wash over you completely. Because you don’t know in which direction the next wave is going to come, there is an exhilaration and anticipation that is just amazing. The point of orgasm is when the biggest wave you can imagine washes over you and takes your breath away.

The orgasms I am describing encompass my entire pelvic area, including the penis and anal canal. In both cases, there are distinct ripples of pleasure that move and caress like a lover knowing your every need and desire. The abdomen, nipples and often my entire body play a part too at different times.

At an age when my libido should be reducing, it is actually increasing. I wake up with morning wood nearly every morning. Lovemaking is different in that I feel more sensual, perform better than ever and feel more connected with my wife. Just to be clear, when I have sex with my wife, it results in a regular orgasm and ejaculation. What I have been describing are experiences that are separate to these. My wife is aware of my unusual abilities, is non judging and participates by stroking my pelvic area (although this enhances the sensation, it is not essential).

I will be happy to describe how I got to this point and what I think has happened, but first, I would be interested to hear of anyone else with similar abilities.


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Dear David

maybe you have described to me your experience previously. I can only say you are one of the few men who can experience both external (penis-ejaculation) and internal (anal-prostatic-whole body waves of pleasure) orgasms. Yes, I know that the second type is more female-like, but it is completely normal for a man, just it is completely normal for a female to feel a "male" orgasm on her clitoris and a deeper "female" vaginal orgasm. Slow sex and tantric sex should guide us to the kind of experience David feels. I have tried a little bit of slow sex with my wife (slow penetration, soft penetration, tecniques of semen retention). Although wonderful, I've never reached such "female" continuous long-lasting orgasm David feels and describes so well. David could explain us better the path that has lead him to such wonderful feelings. For example I do not understand the role of his wife in "stroking his pelvis".

Come on, David. Don't be shy. TELL US MORE!





Never heard so. Congratulations


Sometimes it happened to me also. Relax


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