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Hi I have been married for 2 years never head a problem with erection until 3 months a go when I couldn't get it up i think I was tired but since than it all started i have the same problem every time I got over it couple of time but when I few days pass am in the same problem it's like a cycle I head all checks done everything is OK so any advice how to get over does

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  • A small dose of viagra or similar is virtually guaranteed to get you going and restore your confidence and is likely to only be required short term. Just go and see your doctor for a prescription

  • I agree. Good luck.

  • Dear Radwan

    I am not anti pharmaceutical, I would not be alive right now without them, but I must caution you against the Pill Solution in this case.

    There can be certain circumstances where a small does of the blue pill will give a guy he confidence to know, "I can get erections after all" but there is a real danger to this too. The next thought, the next belief to slip into place is "I can only get erections after all with a blue pill".

    At what point, and what is the process of stopping the pills and going back to being able to rely on yourself?

    You say you have got over it a couple of time on your own - great, fantastic, so you know you have got it in you, you still have a latent capability ? Yes? - it is working with your own thoughts and beliefs which will get it back and keep it, it is building upon this remain latent capability.

    Go and try the pills if you wish, but do not start until you are sure what your end game is. The only thing you need to be dependent on is your own certainty about yourself, and not the right time to take a pill.

    I do this as a profession, and it is a lot easier to fix a muted sense of certainty about your sexual ability than it is to fix a dependency on a pill.

    I wish you the best


  • Do you have diabetes? That may be or any other illnesses that may be too, other than that, it might be a psychological problem and you might be thinking about it and then getting depressed about it, I dare say you've been practicing it now and then, don't think too much into it.

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