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Balanitis abroad in USA

I'm a 22 year old male. Currently backpacking across America. Recently I have started to notice mild symptoms of what I believe to be balanitis. My penis and foreskin is slightly red in places and sometimes swollen. There is no real itch or pain or noticeable discharge.

I think my hygiene is generally good however I am backpacking so showering on average every other day and occasionally wearing the same underwear twice but nothing that bad.

I'm trying to make sure I wash my penis with warm water once a day and keep the area dry.

I'd really like to try and treat any underlining causes (I haven't been sexually active recently so not STI). But I'm in america. Can anyone recommend any treatments for balanitis I can get over the counter at most pharmacists? e.g. wall mart.

I miss the NHS out here. Thank you!

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Fungal yeasts are common, so it's worth trying clotimazole cr 20g . Avoid soap, only use water to wash. Soap will aggravate thrush balanitis (which is the commonest at your age)


Sounds like you're doing the right things but it does depend on the cause. See:


Have a word with pharmacist/druggist about over the counter remedies.


Thanks for your replies. That's really helpful. I'm not too sure of the cause though.


As long as it settles that doesn't matter but getting hot with backpacking could be part of it


Ive been given "Lotrimin antifungal cream, clotrimazole cream".

It's active ingredient is Clotrimazole 1%

The pharmacist hadn't heard of balanitis. This is described as a threatment for athletes foot, jock itch and ringworm.

Is it safe for me apply this to the affected area?


That's the stuff, which will hopefully do the trick.

Jock itch such an American term. The British term dhobi itch which is derived from laundry men in India seems much more evocative of the empire


Cheers for the help hopefully this will sort it out. I wont be back on British soil for another 7 months.


Lucky you


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