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Ejaculation without knowing


The other day I felt a dampness around my groin when I was travelling into town on the bus but didn't think anything off it until I went to the toilet afterwards and discovered that somehow I had ejaculated without realising it or even being aroused. Is this normal? I hadn't masturbated for a few weeks before this, is this the reason?

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Auto ?

Most men unwittingly ooze a secretion called pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) from time to time. The penis does not have to be erect in the slightest, but it can be a subconscious reaction to something we have seen, read or thought or imagined. It's not semen.

And since you hadn't masturbated for some weeks when you went to the toilet, it was probably pre-cum which looks similar, a little like semen, and can sometimes contain sperm.


It sounds like a wet dream during the day. The pressure was building. It needed to be released.

its normal. Its just your body giving out the excess sperms present. Not to worry about.

Cool thank you everyone you've been a big help

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