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*College of Cambridge Kipp Principles of distance-learning

Learning is the main demand of the student; to fulfill this difficult demand requires, planning, understand and apply the information taken, the distance-learning process complicated for many reasons including:

-Many distant students are older and they have many other responsibilities and interests, they have jobs and families, those forced to find adequate time while not overshadowing the other areas of their life such as family, job, study and leisure.

-Some different reasons take students to study this course in College of Cambridge Kipp remotely as many students take the course to increase the degree of functional orient them for better jobs, others take it to broaden knowledge and learning has not interested in completing a degree.

- Distance student feels lonely, so the absence of encouragement resulting from the interaction and competition between students and the absence of a teacher who is considered one of the main factors to encourage the student and stand next to him if needed in some points and difficulties facing the student during the study.

- There is no great similarity between distance education students and their teachers from where background and experience daily and therefore, requires longer time to create a consensus between them. Lacking of personal contact between students and teacher makes students do not feel comfort toward their teacher as an individual and non-satisfied with their educational situation.