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Loneliness at Christmas

In a poll last year, men were more likely to say they would spend Christmas alone. A Samaritans survey last year also found that 45% of men felt sad or depressed at Christmas time and 37% of men admitted to feeling lonely, citing relationships and financial difficulties as their main sources of anxiety.

Additionally, two thirds of those people in their 30s and 40s who live on their own are men, often due to separation.

Has anybody got any advice for people who might be likely spending Christmas on their own or does anyone have any stories on either spending Christmas on their own or helping someone else who is?

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Volunteering has been repeatedly shown to add value to the life of the volunteer as well as the people benefiting from the service ( Perhaps people who might be lonely over the Christmas period could think of donating some time or an expertise to a charity and help themselves and others.


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