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my choice after 20years

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cosmetic circumcision.

here in the UK routine circumcision is not the norm. I discovered circumcision at school and wanted to be circumcised. At the age of 36, both funds and the opportunity presented itself and I made an appointment without private clinic and on Monday 4th April 05 was cosmetically circumcised.

After 1 0days stitches had dissolved and healing was well on it's way.

After a month I was healed and pleased with the results.

7 Replies
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Congratulations. Life is too short to put off those things you want to do.

Had my circumcision in 2014 and have never looked back. Mine too was largely for cosmetic reasons.

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Glad it all worked out for you! Enjoy your new look.

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Hi, I convinced my GPS to refer me to urologist who agreed to circumcised me at 45 yo. It was a typical NHS cut. Kind of wish I paid for a tight cut now. What cut did you go for?

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Georgecirc in reply to Pd05

Mine was frenulum left intact, scar 5mm behind glans sort, 15mm when erect, no shaft skin movement...

Really pleased with the results, went private £650.

Worth every penny!

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Pd05 in reply to Georgecirc

Where did you get it done?

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If you don't mind me asking where did you get it done!

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I did the same. No regrets.

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