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Tips for showering after circumcision?

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I had a circumcision on Nov. 17th (about 5 days ago) and am looking for tips on showering while my Penis is still healing from circumcision, it says in my instructions i can shower as normal after 24 hours and to wash the incision area gently, but I'm afraid to get the area wet.

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I was but like you... slightly nervous about wetting the area, but what I did was soak a sponge in not too hot water and squeeze it slowly over my penis a few times and let the water trickle over the wound without soap. After a week or so I was braver and used the shower head

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Ah I see, thank you for the tip, I will try that. I'm assuming not to let it get super wet to be safe so the stitches dont fall out prematurely?

Having a shower as normal shouldn't hurt after 5 days, it's scary the first time because you think its going to sting but it was fine for me! Remember not to use soap :-) Don't have a bath until your cut has healed over but Don't be worried a out getting your stitches really wet in the shower. Dissolvable stitches don't dissolve with water they are dissolved over time by an enzyme your body produces as it heals, so having a decent shower won't affect them and will be good to keep the cut clean 😀

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Thank you for sharing this! That relieved some of my worries 🙂

Don't worry..I have also circumcision done on 16 Nov..I have not taken bath at that place..only clean the peins tip after pee..don't worry...

Hi Eggy it should be fine usually after 3 days they recommend you can have a shower if you had glue it might be longer! Having a bath is not recommended on till the wound is sealed. You can use some baby wipe in the meantime. the stitches won't dissolve as there are dissolvable with enzymes from your body overtime. It's important to keep your body clean using shower gel is fine just make sure you wash it off completely. I'd use your hand to help protect your glans from the shower head as it could be quite sensitive. And you could dry the area with a hair dryer.

Had circumcision the same date 17th and was wondering about showering too.

My main worry is the mess at the bottom of the gland The cutting of the”bango” Looks like a right mess is that normal.

That area is very sensitive Willowbear and it's normally the last to heal. Give it a couple of weeks and it should improve. Depending on how you surgeon stitched you it's also where the knots for the running stitch might be. Mine in that area were the last to dissolve and fall out - almost three weeks after circumcision.

Probably best to keep the shower head away from it but you can certainly wash it gently with a sponge, or dip it in warm salty water. The stitches won't dissolve but you might get some minor bleeding as scabs fall off. Just light pressure on the area will stop that. Also don't use any soap or let soap/shampoo rinse off your body over the penis.

for the first week r so I used a glass and held it tight over my penis so the shower stream would not hit my penis with force. After I showered using the glass I then just sponged my penis, worked for me.

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