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Penis size.

Hi there,I would like to find out if there is anyone that can' Tell me if there is a pill that can make the penis bigger in size.or anything out there.

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Unfortunately there is no magic pill like that. If you are overweight (BMI > 30) and loose 10 kilos your penis will look bigger than now.

There is not a magic pill but there are a few things to do. PM me and I will let you know

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I just sent you a PM

Tamsulosin, used to treat prostate problems has been known to increase flaccid but not erect penis size. A few posters here, including me, have noticed this. But apart from that, there is no magic pill. You could try exercises and stretching devices. Some guys love them. Others have no luck. Sometimes it’s best just to come to terms with what you’ve got.

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Thanks buddy..I appreciate your input.

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I’ve noticed that with tamsulosin as well

If you google "penis size nhs", there's a good article, and that links to another good article about penis enlargement products (most of them simply don't work, and some are dangerous).

You might be a normal size though - most people don't realise what size normal penises are, usually because they're comparing themselves with male porn stars, or the people who like showing their dicks off at the gym (some of whom are gay men hoping to hook up with someone).

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Thanks buddy.i did have a look at it. yeah I guess I just have to live with wat I got.

No. Generally what we got is what we got. There is no pill, potion or cream that will permanently increase your size. DO NOT waste your money on anything that promises this.Some do say that penis exercises can help, so as that's free give it a try.

But to be honest, be happy with what you got. it ain't what you got it's the way that you use it !

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Thanks for the advice. guess I will just have to live with it.

There is probably very few men who have not wanted a bigger penis at some point in their lives. You are not alone in that. Enjoy what you have.

As a gay man I’ve seen and experienced a few cocks in my time. I can honestly say I’ve had the best sex with guys who have average or lower side of average cocks.

Always found they were much more in tune with bodies and sensuality as they couldn’t rely on just fucking with a big one.

Personally, I’m about 5.5” hard, and small when soft. Quite a grower. Learn to accept and enjoy what you’ve got.

You’ll have a lot more fun.

After Peyronie I was at 18 cm (7 inches) but not happy, 'cause due to the disease I lost 2.5 cm (exactly 1 inch), plus I got curvature. Now I'm having some good experience with penis pump, in fact I have recovered one cm and reduced a bit curvature. The use of penis pump is anyway dangerous because creates bruising on the penis shaft and swollen tip. To increase a little bit your size you must use it frequently and at a quite high vacuum. Plastic pumps can not work well, better metallic ones. But I repeat myself, it's important to use caution. It can be dangerous.

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Thanks for your reply...I really appreciate it.

You can do exercises like stretching it or squeezing the base for 1 min and then squeeze and squeeze down the shaft of your penis

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