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Swelling after sex post circ

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Hi I’m 6 weeks post op Dr gave me the all clear for sexual activity exercise etc - tried sex today no problems during it but after I’ve noticed huge swelling in the top of the shaft, not even the inner foreskin/incision/head, just a huge lump of swelling on the top of my shaft. I didn’t think this part should swell up or is this somewhat normal? I don’t usually where condoms but did this time, could it be some sort of reaction to that?


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Glad to hear you got the all clear. I am hoping for the same on Friday at my 6 week review!Sorry to hear that the swelling has happened

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Thanks! Good luck man hope it goes well, such a relief leaving that hospital for (hopefully) the last time about this issue!

Translate from spanish:

Yo fui circuncidado hace 1 año y 6 meses. Lo que comentas es normal. De vez en cuando, post relaciones sexuales, también noto un poco de hinchazón en la parte donde se realizó el corte. Esto sucede especialmente cuando estuvo "intensa" la acción. De todas formas, ante cualquier duda o algo raro, recomiendo que acudas a tu urólogo.


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I had swelling for two days after my first encounter

Often the scar looks healed externally but the wound is still not settled and healing internally. Experienced doctors normally recommend 8-9 of abstinence from penetrative sex and roigh masturbation.

This is just an FYI for you and for burger reading this.

In your current condition what’s done is done - all you can now do is take it easy and allow the body to heal. If you notice any bruising it will indicate some internal bleeding. Hopefully there is nothing of that. Just some Ramses in thr skin tissues. For future be gentle. And don’t try to hank the shaft skin - instead use a good water based lube or natural oil (like coconut oil) to massage lubricate for self pleasuring. And after a few weeks when you are feeling normal and comfortable again - got some time indulge in gentle penetrative sex.

Thanks for the reply, swelling has reduced but is still there and there is slight bruising :( should I just leave it be or seek medical help?

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Time is a healer. There is nothing what medical team can do for you.

Perfectly normal. It should go down relatively quickly. Don’t worry about it.

I’m just over a year post op and unfortnely mine still swells up depending on how long I last, mine swells up more with condoms but I think it’s only cos it makes me last longer, just something I’ve learnt to deal with and I accept it now don’t think it means there’s anything wrong with it. Should’ve seen the first time I received oral after getting the all clear made it look like a balloon down there aha. But I mean she was all teeth.But don’t worry it will get better mine was a lot worse right after the all clear at the end of the day it can take up to 36 months for everything to of properly calmed down. Don’t worry bout it bro

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