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day 2 circumcision

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Well here i am walked out of the hospital not too bad went home and oh boy got worse ,not taking pain killers as they kill my stomach (did take a drop of brandy probably not recommenced ) slept well,today oh man the sensitivity is unreal have underwear and jogging pace on but its tough (understatement) going round the house , i had no bandage on my penis leaving the hospital ??????? i am a grin and bear it guy not a tough guy but i cannot see how i am going to be back in work in 3 weeks !!!!!!!! is there some way to speed up deading the sensitivity like tipping your penis with your fingers gently not going to try for a few days .


9 Replies
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Took me about 12 days to be comfortable with the sensitivity.. Glans needs to scab over which will start around day 4 and last for 2-3 days. It's a wet scab that you might think looks like pus but it's not. Leave it and let it do it's thing. It's a bit like if you've ever soaked a knee or elbow graze.I've blogged my whole recovery to date at plenty of tips there which might help. Early on I was worried and thought it would never heal but I'm almost there now.

Best option is to air it for as long as you can and when you must start wearing underwear start wearing tight pants. Your glans will probably stick to them, you can use little Vaseline for a few days to make things a little more comfortable

Stick with it and it will get better. First few days are the worst. Best of luck.

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Let the air get to your glans to dry it out… the sensitivity will soon die down 👍

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Hey man! Don't worry it'll the sensivity will go down. I went back to work 2 weeks after my surgery. Sure it wasnt pleasant but it was doable with a couple of tricks to make it move less down there. Plus I work in aviation and I move around A LOT. After 3 weeks you should be doing fine. But do not expect to be at 100% just like before in the returning process because it will take much much more time. I had my surgery a year ago and I'd say im 90% throught with the sensitivity. But keep in mind that it is different for everyone so it might take less time... or more. Anyways dont give up keep going you will be good in the end whatever happens. Stay strong brother 💪

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bro, try practising gratitude. I know this might sound crazy but I hope you would at least try. Your life energy will determine your recovery. Imagine or visualise the ideal state of being and feeling that you would want to achieve and mentally express your gratitude for the outcome. Your condition will improve quicker.

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circblog in reply to ArnoldHooi

This, or forms of this, I'm convinced really works. My glans sensitivity dropped alongside my anxiety about the sensitivity. Around Day 10 I just decided to get on with it and to hell with trying to avoid the sensitivity and also to stop being worried about hurting my glans or affecting healing. That seems to have worked. I'm still getting the occasional twinge where it catches on a seam or its stuck to my underwear or I sit down a bit quick. It's also more sensitive right after I've peed but that's because I'm getting partial erections but I just pull my briefs up and get on with it. It settles down quickly enough.

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ArnoldHooi in reply to circblog

Yes, initially it was very sensitive even to slight touch or contact with clothing or water. Eventually all the extra sensitivity that we have to overcome is the ones where rubbing is involved like at the glans, frenulum and meatus. Ducking, sitting, any form of movement that requires the bending of our body would trigger the friction and hence the twinge. It's hard to find underwear without seams in my area, so I have to bear with it. I'm wearing microfiber mini briefs for holding it up and for much comfort. Just practice to rewire the subconscious mind while going through life.

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Hi Gerart,

I had to get a revision on my circumcision a few months ago, and the second time around the doctor didn’t use any bandages, it healed properly that time, the first time I had lots of swelling around the incision, so much that in fact I had to have basically a second circumcision a few months later, pain wasn’t terrible, I only had 1 day off painkillers.

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day 4 feel a good bit better today its about getting on with it no doubt but the first 3 days were murder thanks for the reply's

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Day5 Huge improvements went shopping no running mind you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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