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Slight numbness at the tip?

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I'm 7 and a half weeks post circumcision. I finally had zero discomfort from bruising at 6.5 weeks. My bruises stayed for a while, even though my wound closed fast. Anyway, it's been healing well. My question is this:

I still feel a strange sensation with the head of my penis. This whole past week I've been masturbating again. It's actually been phenomenal. I was worried about sensation, but my orgasms have been better than when I had phimosis. However, above the scar line the head of my penis feels less "connected". For the first 2 weeks every time I got an erection it felt like my penis was in 2 halves. Lol I wasn't worried because the operation just happened. It's been a while now and while I have a ton of sensation around the scar, the head feels odd and almost like an inaminate object on the top of my penis rather than a part of it lol. For you guys who have healed more, did that feeling persist for some time?

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Hi - I’m a few weeks behind you (3 weeks in) but I have that feeling too. I spoke to the Urologist about it quite early on and he said it can take up to six months for everything to settle and know what the finish will feel like. I’d be interested to know how yours progresses! Cheers!

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Hey man,

I hope you're doing well and yeah for you it's still early. I'm at 9 weeks and I've noticed the disconnected feeling with the tip of my penis has improved quite a bit since I made this post. I hope it gets even better. I'll make a post on my progress right now actually.

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