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Post Circumcision Erections feeling slightly tight skin not left skin not retracting?

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I had a circumcision 7 weeks ago and it’s healed well however when I get an erection the ring of skin which I assume has been left to stretch out when my penis is erect doesn’t stretch out and stays pushed up at the top. This I feel makes my erection a little tighter and it’s also reducing my size. I had a swelling issue when I had it done in the first week so I’m thinking that maybe there is some swelling and it’s still healing on the inside. Did anyone else experience anything like this?

Many thanks

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I forget to mention when flaccid this skin stretches back but when erect it doesn’t pull back. (Im talking about the skin under the gland) when fully erect and I pulse my penis I can feel the ring of tightness

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Kinda like when you tense your penis when erect

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A lot of post circumcision problems are down to swelling and also the penis getting used to its new situation. It really can be just about time and use. See how you go and whether you can feel an improvement over time. Take care and report back if you need to.

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Thank you very much for the reply it means a lot to me. Is there anything in particular that you recommend?

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Some guys have said that it will help swelling to keep the penis pointing up over as much as possible. This can be achieved by wearing tight briefs that are tight enough to keep the penis pointing towards your head all the time.

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I’m currently doing this now, I have found that this helps over the last few months. Thank you

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Did this problem ever resolve? Having a similar issue.

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Exactly Same thing with me. I got zsr circumcision 12 days back. Ring hasn't come out yet.The shaft skin still feels so tight when errect.I have some foreskin left which touches the glans slightly and I am able to move the foreskin back and forward easily when it is flacid but when it is errect the ring area becomes really tight and it is almost impossible to move the skin backwards.

I doubt i will ever be able to have sex 😔

Can anyone suggest if correction is possible

I think the doctor did not use correct size zsr ring. It hasn't cyt the skin till the mid of the shaft. Also on the bottom side of the glans the foreskin is still close but it is stiched back on the top of the guide what to do?

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