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Sleeping with circumcision

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I'm on day 3 of circumcision and just got my bandages removed but I can't sleep due to night erections

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Night erections are the worst right now. Try to sleep in a fetal position that’s what I did and it helped me.

Those nocturnal erections are the worst. For me it was two weeks of hell! But, after two weeks, the erections didn’t wake me up!

The pain is unbearable, I know, I got an anxiety and was afraid to go to sleep, so on my forth day I was taking short naps during the day and forced myself to stay up all night, but the f-ing nature and body clock, I got erections the same time as for the past 3 night (1am, 2am, 2.30am, 5am).

It's important to know that erections can't damage the stitches and it helps if you walk around when erection happens so the blood circulates away. I am on day 8 and the past two nights I still got erections that are waking me up all through the night. They are very uncomfortable but not so much painful anymore.

I wish I could give you advice that works for that, basically all I did is drinking tea only in the morning, drinking only water (sugary juices makes you go to the toilet more), and not drinking after 6pm, sleeping on the side in fetal position.

^ It's a lot, but I'm not sure which of this really helped. You got a few more days to figure it out for yourself, but just hang on, it does get better.


I know exactly what you are going through - I'm currently at day 8 after my circumcision. I'm trying to find ways to avoid going to sleep as it's been unbearable - waking up every hour or so with another erection which I feel really pulling and creates some bleeding each time.

I've stopped drinking after 6pm, tried urinating throughout the night to maintain an empty bladder, taking painkillers right before going to sleep but its just unbearable! Looking online there doesn't appear to be any medication you can take to prevent nocturnal erections, and we just have to weather the storm and hope it gets easier with time...

The one part of the recovery i wasn't prepared for - I expected the odd one or two in the night but this is ridiculous!

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I’m on my 6 day and I always wake up 4 in the morning due to the pain of erection, the way to end the erection quickly is to meditate works really well

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Thanks, I've tried meditation and breathing exercises and it's a battle to overcome sometimes. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this, but I also have my pelvic floor muscles activating at the same time, probably as a reflex to the pain, but that just adds to the erection strength :( i also get those muscles activating randomly during the day especially if I hear a sudden noise so it's like my nerves are on edge or something. Going to see if i can get some muscle relaxants from the doc to help that aspect as hopefully thats just a temporary side effect of the op...

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Good luck pal

Hi Not much you can do other than sleep on your side with your knees bent forward and empty your bladder. Some guy's say Sudafed decongestant tablets can help to reduce erections 😴

Thanks I'm now on day five and feel better though the erections still hurt

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