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one week post circumcision

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hello everyone, one week after my OP having a few problems areas and need your help

1. the ends of the stitches irritate my inner foreskin and my glans. what can I do about it?

2. the 'V' shaped incision to preserve the frenulum seems ok but one side is significantly more swollen than the other giving it a lopsided look.

3. erections are painful on the scar

4. star is mildly itching

please post your responses boys


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1. Nothing much you can do about this actually . If the ends are loose you can try applying little vaseline to the ends against the skin so that they don't move and irritate much. In even worse case you might find relief with a dressing .

2. Swelling may be of all sorts and whatever it is will slowly get down and uniform over time . Give it about 2 more weeks and then check with your doc if it still persists. Swelling may last uptill 2 months for some .

3. Erections do hurt for now but it should get better later so you can avoid night time erections by decreasing water intake after 7pm and sleeping on your sides and bringing your feet up to your chest whenever you start getting a erection .

4. Scar does itch a little due to the healing , crusting and stitches. Make sure to maintain hygiene , bath twice a day with warm water and non irritant soap. Keep the area dry and if itchiness persists or increases get a cream/tab after checking in with your doc.

Hope this helps !

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shaannsn in reply to Velcro93

thanks and well noted. you are awesome!

So what i did about the stitches was i took some gauze and did a gentle wrap around my penis for about the first week and a half then for the swollen thing it will look all kinds of lop sided and jacked up until the swelling goes down. Once it goes down it is going to start to look and feel better. ALOT better at first i needed loose clothing because of the stitches but after the swelling goes down get something a little tight to hold your penis from moving around. That will help a lot with pain and the erections will take some time. They will begin to hurt less as the stitches dissolve. Right now it's going to look and feel all kinds of crazy with the stitches and swelling but trust it will go away just be careful with the erections because it can do some light bleeding sometimes

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shaannsn in reply to Trad4903

thanks a lot. makes me feel a lot better know it is not only me.

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shaannsn in reply to Trad4903

what was your full recovery time like? at least for swelling to go off and erections to be painless?

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Trad4903 in reply to shaannsn

I am actually still recovering. So my last set of stitches just dissolved and i got my surgery on june 26th. Erections don't hurt me anymore but it is still tender around the small amount of foreskin around the head. They leave a certain amount due to expansion during an erection and the nerves my erections stopped hurting about 3 days ago and there is not much pain now since my last stitch fell out. It is so much easier when the stitches are gone when you are able to shower just take it lightly and the more you shower the quicker they seem to dissolve. I recommend putting some kind of virgin moisturizer like an oil of some sort so it softens up a bit. And placement in your underwear is a huge deal when it comes to pain. If you point your penis upward it is more likely to get an erection also sleeping on your side helps. Honestly the more you keep your penis from touching other things the better. Like you can walk and more around a lot easier if you lightly and i mean lightly wrap your penis up with some gauze and wrap. Something of that nature. Put some tripple antibiotic on it before you wrap it. I promise it helps and keep pressure off it so nothing presses against the stitches that is the most pain you will be feeling. And please make sure to keep taking all the antibiotics meds because the skin can break a few times and cause some slight bleeding if that happens then put light pressure on the area until it stops and just wrap the area. It helps a lot.

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shaannsn in reply to Trad4903

oh so you are barely a week before me. yes. doing most of the things you asked me to do. it still looks all kinds of lopsided if you ask me. can't really tell until 4 to 5 weeks are over

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Trad4903 in reply to shaannsn

Yep but yea it will look better. Mine looked like that also but i got the swelling down pretty quick and it looks so much better now. I looked super deformed but after the swelling subsides its good.

I’m 6 days post op. The stitches do bother once in a while. So Because I’m healing I’ll put a good amount of antibiotic on the stitches and lightly wrap the head in some gauze. That seems to be the best bet right now. Cleaning it helps and I find wearing supportive briefs help it from moving much. I can walk pretty comfortably now. I tend to get erections when I sleep so laying on the side helps or even putting an ice pack in the area. There not as painful as when it was more swollen. From everything I’ve read here, it’s just gonna take time. Patience is important and taking things slow. Gonna try some oil or Vaseline and see how that works.

agree and doing the same. I was asked to keep the dressing for 3 days and I had no issues whatsoever with walking nor pain

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