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Painful masterbation without lubricant


I just masterbated without lubricant. I did foreskin restoration for 6 months and stopped. I tried masterbating without lubricant for the first time. I tried to move the skin up and down on the shaft as if I had a foreskin. To start with because I have the ridge band and frenulum, I was pre-cumming like crazy, but then at orgasm I felt extreme pain in my testicles and frenulum because my frenulum is tight and I have no existent outer skin on the underside of my penis. The penal scrotal junction is fused to the sensory tissue of the foreskin mid-shaft, which means the lower end of the shaft is all scrotal skin, so any tension I put on penis, makes me feel pain in testicles. I’m just so scared because I don’t want anything to happen to my testicles. Most wont completely understand what I’m saying because they don’t know what it’s like to have scrotal skin forced onto shaft even flaccid. I will never masterbate without lubricant again. I just don’t want to think that I did any damage to my testicles.

Please see photo, which I circled, which proves there is no existent shaft skin on my shaft, but all the underlying sensory structures of an uncircumcised penis are present.

This is what happens when circumcise someone without forcible retraction and at the same time pull the skin forward from the base of penis. It causes all shaft skin to be removed. Also foreskin restoration can not fix that because there is no existent shaft skin to replace the scrotal skin.

The bottom line is that when I use lube, I have no trouble. I am just very anxious about my testicles.

Is that the stretch receptors of the foreskin causing the pre-cum to accumulate?

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Hi, I think it's impossible cause an injury to the testicles that way. Scrotum is the skin holding the testicles. The glands self are another story. It's hard to say, wheter it's the lack of lubrication that caused the pain you are describing. Maybe it depends on something else. If I were you, I would consult an urologist to be hundred percent sure. The Cowper's glands secrete, that you are calling pre-cum in your post, is a natural response of man's organism to sexual arousal and a natural lubricant as well. So, there is no reason to worry about it.

At1012 in reply to Hidden

Thank You so much for the reassurance. I felt better in no time. I just realized I didn’t have enough skin to masterbate the uncut way.

My Urologist had just performed a circumcision on someone who had done a restoration. He says there will be more he will be circumcision and thinks restoration is a bad idea.

I only did it for 6 months and stopped. I was only doing it to eliminate painful erections and painful ejaculation. I had pain in my balls every time I ejaculated. I had to push on pubic fat after each time I had an orgasm. This was actually an earlier picture well before 6 months of restoring.

As you can see, all shaft skin was removed on the ventral side during my circumcision. In my case it was necessary. Also I still have the appearance of circumcised, but I agree that trying to undo the markings of circumcision is not a good idea, if you don’t have to.

I will post pictures showing the difference.

I recently went for a circumcision after spending years restoring. Circumcised as a baby I was talking into restoring my penis. What mistake, the restoration made my penis very unpleasant and sex uncomfortable. I was advice against it, as does my Urologist, My Willy is now very happy, and the way it was before the restoration. Sex is great! Circumcised guys need to enjoy their penises, and not listen to the intativists

At1012 in reply to SadWilly

I agree, but in my case I stopped after 6 months. I was only doing it because I had so many complications because they removed to much during my circumcision, so in my case it was necessary, but I stopped after 6 months because now I can enjoy my penis without pain.

I do agree with you, but in some cases like mine, the person needs to eliminate pain.

Have you noticed a difference after removing the stretched skin? Do you feel as much pleasure as you did before? Also what did it feel like to orgasm with the extra skin? What did it feel like?

The doctor who did my circumcision is having to re-circumcise guys coming in with restorations. He expects to see more, and thinks restoration is a bad idea. Glad you're pleased with the results of your circumcision. I've been considering a revision, once a year is up from when I was circed.

Do you want to be a CI-3 where the foreskin always exposes the glans while flaccid?

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