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6 weeks post circumcision op

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Hi all

It’s been 6 weeks since my op, everything has been fine except for I am worried about how my penis has healed.

Where my frenulum was looks very clean and I like how it has healed.

However on the right side of my penis just below my glans where the skin has been stitched together, the resulting healing has formed small bumps where the skin connects? I am not sure what to do about these.

Also, on the left side of my penis under the glans, the skin has not connected in the Same place on this side, and remains sort of open? When I pull the skin down the inside of the skin is red and bloody coloured, however it does not bleed. Pulling the skin back exposes the shaft of my penis under the skin which I’m not sure should be exposed?

I can masturbate fine but I am worried about sexual intercourse and if the healing I have experienced has not happened correctly and therefore could make me susceptible to tears or STIs

Anyone have any experience of this themselves?


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Hi, After 6 weeks it should be healed you probably should have it checked with your surgeon.

Please check with your doctor mate.

What kind of circumcision did you get? It appears that you still have the tip of the foreskin? This could be the cause of the ongoing inflammation you are experiencing. My guess is that you were circumcised for phimosis , and what happened was that the phimotic ring was located mid-shaft and the doctor did not actually cut off the defective part. Let me know?

Could you post an update? Facing the exact same issue of bloody red skin. GP has put me on a course of Flucloxacillin and Derma 500 to wash the area. At day 4 out of the 7 day course, I do ont see much improvement.

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hlr2000 in reply to icyspike

Hey. I’m 10 months post-op now, and I can admit I was very worried and hopeless when I was at where you’re at now, but now I’m so glad I had the operation. I remember having Flucloxacillin as I went to my GP post surgery because I was concerned about the healing process. They tried some different antibiotics, I did unfortunately end up acquiring C.difficile as my doctors gave me the wrong antibiotics (this was sorted after a while, it just meant my bowel wasn’t doing it’s job very well for a few weeks, meaning I got well acquainted to my toilet lol) but this isn’t a common thing after circumcision, just a mistake that happened.

However, I Was told ‘6 weeks’ before I reengage in any sexual activity, which for me was not a good idea. After 7 weeks I had some sexual activity and it did not go well, so I recommend avoiding that for a bit longer than 6, maybe 10.

The healing might look wrong or nasty now but once it fully heals (a couple months) it starts to look a lot better and once it’s fully healed it’s like getting to know your penis all over again lol. And I wouldn’t worry about any ‘loss of sensation’ if anything I’ve gained it :)

Any questions just ask!

How about blue ball during this period bro ? And when the swelling goes down ?

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