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Looking for advice (post-revision... frenuloplasty...)

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I have been on this forum for a year now, reading what you've all been through so it really eased (as well as heightened) my own experience. However, I am still experiencing all sorts of drama. Let me know what you think...

I'm 23. I knew I had phimosis my whole life, but I never said anything - daddy issues - moving on - October 2018, my girlfriend notices my dick looks weird. I've managed to have sex before, painfully, but this time it's excruciating. Doctor it is.

It was a huge relief to talk with a GP (NHS) about it. She looked at it and straight away said circumicision - and that's what I wanted too.

December 2018. Urologist takes a peek. "Circumicision, sign the form - BY THE WAY, this hospital is closing down." Signed the form.

January 2019. Pre-op assessment. When is this operation going to happen? "Oh, in a few months..." With who? "Oh... uhh..."

MAY 2019. Time for the circumcision.

"I'm a urology consultant, so you're having a circumcision under local?"

... No, I'm having it under general.


Who's my doctor? Who's the surgeon? I haven't received any of this information...

It's time to go in the theatre.

*30 minutes later* sent home with no post-op instructions, no dressings. Only an antibiotic 'eye ointment'.

Recovery was excruiating - this forum helped a LOT. Infection appeared on my frenulum, was put on flucloxacillin.

(Gents, cocoa butter is fabulous lube for post-six weeks-stages!)

October 2019. There is something wrong with my frenulum. Has been since the circumcision. It's large, painful and feels like there a stitch still inside of it. Plus, I have to ease the side of my frenulum 'back' to clean under it... with a cotton bud! I've been feeling this discomfort since May, and been informing GP's the entire time. Honestly, thought I was insane the entire time. Finally, one referred me to the urologist.

November 2019. Urologist is super confused with the original circumcision. He confirms a) there is too much skin left attached on my frenulum b) they can remove the granulomas.

December 2019. SURGERY, done. They removed the entire frenulum, and I'm happy. The pain is already gone.

January 2020... So today it has been 4 weeks exactly since the excision of frenulum-gate. Last week, a stitch must've fell out and a little bit of bleeding occured. GP put me on flucloxacillin for 7 days. Today, there is still infection and this morning I was prescribed Fucidin, which will apparently solve the infection. My GP said "I've never seen anything like this", and I wanted to say "You've obviously never visited healthunlocked.com..."

Do you think Fucidin will fix it? I can't exercise because of the rubbing. I just want everything to be sorted. I've been trying to get over my penis for over a year now, hopefully one day I'll get over getting over it...

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Hi mate. I'm not sure about the cream for infection but this story is almost a carbon copy of what I went through, im 24 and everything upto fren removal is exactly the same. I'm at the point where my fren is very tight but I got given steroid cream to loosen it. GPs are hopeless when it comes to circumcisions I had to go to 3 before I got decent advice on what to do.

Try the cream for a while mate but if it doesn't work then I'd ring back the urologist who did the circ and ask their direct advice that's what I had to do.

Hope it clears up dude

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Thanks for your reply!

Good to know someone else has experienced a similar issue. The cream seems to have worked. I've applied it four times a day - infection clear, and even the stitches/scabs fell off. Still need to keep applying it for the next 4 days tho.

Bearing in mind that it's been over a month since the fren removal now.

But now I'm wondering if I can go back to exercising. I practice yoga regularly. I asked GP twice about it and she seemed to just go "uhhhhh"

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Btw... read some of your other posts. Insane to know you were given no aftercare instructions either. It's genuinely shocking. During the fren removal my aftercare was so amazing, and the nurse said "are you ok? Looks like you've seen a ghost" I said "No, I'm just amazed at all the aftercare you're providing me with".... and she too was shocked about the original circumicision recovery. Jeeeeeez

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Fucidin is an antibiotic cream that has been used successfully by many here to prevent infection. It is sometimes compounded with a steroid (Fucidin H) to also deal with inflammation.

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