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Circumcision infection?

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Hi guys just wondering everytime im going to change my gaze notice this yellow part. Im worried it may be infected. See picture attached.

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Can’t tell. I have to see the cut area

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Phomosis19 in reply to John12123

Can see on my profile have pictures of the cut

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John12123 in reply to Phomosis19

Don’t think so, if there is puss maybe

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Phomosis19 in reply to John12123

No puss just see that whenever im changing gaze, plus no discomfort at all

Yellow might just be the idone used

Take the gauze off and let the wound dry out it needs air to it ,with moisture trapped you are inviting bacteria which will lead to an infection and then see how it is in a few days ,

You will know if you have an infection if it smell bad , increased swelling and pain then finally a fever , if you don’t have any off these symptoms then you’re good to go,

Just keep it clean and dry

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Phomosis19 in reply to Fosser

Doctor told me to keep putting gaze until our next visit on friday

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Fosser in reply to Phomosis19

I had no bandage or gauze on mine from day 1 of my operation and my surgeon told me to keep it dry and clean and it will heal faster .

Having the gauze on you have a good chance of getting an infection , any wound heals faster when air gets to it ,

Also the after care advice from hospitals states to take any bandage or gauze of after 2 days .

Plus you don’t want any blood to dry and stick to it then it will be hard to pull off and be painful,

It’s up to you tho , you do what you think is right , I’m just advising from my own experience ,

Good luck

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Phomosis19 in reply to Fosser

I change the gauze every morning and was provided with a soap and spray for after cleaning.

It appears to be the colour of lymphatic fluid.

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