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Is anyone else experiencing Post Viral Meningitis illnesses?

Is anyone else suffering from an increase of illnesses since having Viral Meningitis or Meningio-Encephalitis?

I was admitted as an emergency with Mengio-Encephalitis in August 2011 and put in isolation for over two weeks. Since then, have been back into hospital four times:

1). Nov 2011 - I began a severe chest infection that four doses of anti-biotics couldn’t shift!

2). Feb 2012 - I was admitted for a CT scan and a Bronchoscopy, and diagnosed with Bronchiectasis (a life-long condition). I was hospitalised for an eight day treatment of IV’s, Nebulisers and Physio.

3). May 2012 - I was admitted as an emergency patient with Acute Pneumonia and pumped with more IV’s and Nebulisers, for five days in hospital isolation.

4). Oct 2012 - I was diagnosed with a severe Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and put on Azithromycin 500mgs for five days, which I have to continue taking three times a week until the end of April.

5). March 2013 - Admitted for a 2nd Bronchoscopy, as my lungs were ‘crackling’ and I was getting a bit breathless. I was retained in hospital for five days on IV’s and Nebulisers. Biopsies were taken along with bloods. I also had another CT scan.

My daily drug routine is: Carbocisteine; Omeprazole; Singulair; Seretide (inhaler); Nasonex (spray) and Azithromycin (3 x a week).

I also take when needed: Nystan (for Oral Thrush) and Ipratropium (asthma inhaler)

I feel tired and washed out most days. My energy levels are very limited. I have to pace myself for any social or family events. I’ve put on weight (9lbs); my skin is thin and dry, and my hair seems lank. I bruise and bleed very easily now. I still cannot tolerate loud noises and some bright lighting.

And I still get the headaches - they are querying Migraine now.

I joined a gym (Sept 2012), to help my recuperation and fitness levels but have only managed to go along about a dozen times.

My consultant is trying to discover why I’m getting all these infections. My immune system is good and my lungs have stabilized. The only query to date is that my thyroid levels are a bit low and my white cell count is slightly up.

I would be really interested and so grateful for any replies to the above. Please don’t think I’m moaning I just want to ‘paint a full picture’ here - Thank You ?

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Dear Covenham, Sounds like you have been on quite a journey. I have been writing in with my symptoms post bacterial meningitis. I had it in Feb/March 2011. I experience extreme fatigue and headaches. It was recommended that I get different immunizations including the adult and pediatric pneumonia shot.

Mine was a streptococcal infection that was throughout the bone behind my eyes. My brain actually hemorrhaged out through this bone. I am left with deafness in the Rt. ear and balance issues. I need a walker for long distances.

I have also been diagnosed with idiopathic widespread neuropathy. My activity tolerance is greatly reduced and everything I do takes careful planning to say the least. I continue to have periodic sinus issues but I am raising an 8year old grandson who doesn't like to was his hands frequently and brings every bug going home with him. You get my drift?

I would suggest some probiotics for you with all the antibiotic treatment it sounds like you have had a lot of killing off of normal healthy flora. I also recommend lots of raw fruits and veggies. I find that increasing these in my diet gives me a boost of energy. I actually use the nutribullet. You can google that and that program has helped diet wise as I also have digestive issues.

I still see an ENT specialist about sinus infection and I am over the 2 year post men. I hope this gives you some thoughts and lets you know that your not alone on this journey. Kind Regards and best of luck, Jeffery


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