Post viral meningitis

Hi :) I had viral meningitis back in May of 2015 . It is now November of 2015. I recovered back in May in about a week . However in June I started feeling a loss of sensation or numbness in my face and dizziness . It would come and go so Id ignore it but now it's so bad I can hardly ever go to work or get out of bed and I'm wondering if it may be an after effect of the meningitis and if it will ever go away

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  • It does seem a bit puzzling that you experienced recovery and then have developed new symptoms. We are not medically trained on here and therefore with what you are describing I would advise that you go and get checked out by your GP doctor. Numbness and dizziness should not be ignored. Maybe you tried to do to much too quickly which has caused a set back or the impact of what happened to you has also made you feel depressed.

    Best wishes

  • Hi I also was diagnosed with VM in March 2014 at that time I had numbness in my lower right jaw , at first I thought I had a stroke . The numbness did go away but it took me approx 5/6 months to feel better . Approx a month ago I started getting headaches and the numbness back , but in the last couple of days I be getting a numbness in my top jaw . People on the forums have said it could have been Morlarts VM ? Which can reoccurre . Hope you feel better soon I found rest is the only thing that helps .

  • Hi Bearnbu, I would see either your GP, Or dr who diagnosed your VM soon as possible. I was diagnosed with VM in Jul 2013 & still at times experience symptoms such as heart palpitations , tremors, head pressure, fogginess, weakness & fatigue. I manage this by trying to reduce my stress level, by eating healthy, exercise & meditation. It has become my new normal , & I have good & bad days. Listen to your body. Be vigilant , Drs opinions vary on this subject. Good luck , hope you feel better soon.😄🙏

  • The symptoms you describe sound so familiar to me. I hope by now you are much better, but I will not be surprised if that is not the case. My first relapse was 6 mo later, and this continued for years. I have learned how to pace myself better and perhaps even somewhat manage better after years of repeated episodes. You may what to ck out my original post. I have learned what works for me is; rest, avoid ibprofin, limited activity sometimes for several days, increase my acyclovir significantly; avoid as much stress as possible, control the pain with med to help decrease the rebound stress effects from pain, avoid sunlight, and the regroup to as normal lifestyle as possible but slowly ! Please understand many doctors don't understand the dx, and please don't let them increase your stress by telling you they see no reason for your symptoms. This is where you may need to educate them about the dx by taking literature to them or referring them to this sight so they can see you are not alone in repeated symptoms. Hope this helps and keep me posted! Sopie

  • I also had weakness and numbness in my left side, face, arm, leg, foot after VM which my neurologist explained was a functional weakness caused by the severe pain in my head / migraine. This has recovered following physiotherapy and exercises.

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