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Four Months Post Tuberculosis Meningitis

Hello friends,

My 21 years old female friend was diagnosed with TBM four months back when she went unconsciousness and then she gained consciousness slowly. She was in hospital for around two months. When she was stable she was discharged from the hospital. She was on tube feeding, she was unable to talk out anything.

Since then in last four months she can now take good amount of food with her mouth. She can speak things out and 70% of her words are now understandable. She reply to each question asked to her. She is better then before.

But she still have issues like stiffness in right arm and left leg, bowel and bladder incontinence, memory alteration (She can recognize people sometimes but can't some other time.), Not having periods for last four months, She use to cry hard some times. Will these symptoms go over time? Do you also faced such issue before and they are gone now? Please reply based on your experiences. And also tell me what better things to do to make her feel well and ease her, and to speed up her recovery process. I am really depressed these days....Lost alot weight....:(

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Sorry, but I can't. Just wish you both all the very best.


She is gonna improve just she must be patient, I am in recovery form VM 15 months and I can see my improvements,it just takes time, I remember at first after I was out from the hospital I would be crazy, but now I see myself better no 100% but better. I hope she gets better too


Thanks a ton for your encouraging reply my friend.


Hi menin I am also 15 mos post vm and I was wondering what after effects you are still dealing with. I'm dealing with some medical issues and my drs keep telling me there's nothing wrong and insist it has nothing to do with vm because vm doesnt have after effects like bm.


Hi Missy I'm still dealing with the side effects, my balance sucks, I am slow, I have pain en my back like burning, but the way I was I improve and I hope i'll improve more but I am aware no 100% like I would like, when I got out from the hospital I was in a wheelchair after I used a walker now I am walking but with pain, my brain is not more the same, my stomach is almost always constipated, I went to the nutritionist and she told my diet is good, I lost 20lb and it is very difficult to get it back, my left arm always tingly my right leg shake , and the same when I go to the doctor they don't find anything, they just told me if I survive that was because I was a soldier. I just went today to see my psychology of my job she say what is happening to me after the meningitis is normal it takes time to recovery I hope so.


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