Sick again after Viral meningitis

Hey everyone I live in Orange County California. I went to the hospital three times before being diagnosed with meningitis. The first time the doctor thought I had a uti because I was complaining of back pain and I had blood in my urine. The second time they sent me home with an infection. Luckily the third time I went with my gut instinct to go back to the hospital. My head was hurting soooo insanely bad for days and wouldn't go away. I just couldn't take the headaches anymore. They did Ct scan it came back normal but my lumbar showed meningitis. I was in the hospital for 3 days and so thankful I went back. After leaving the hospital I dealt with really bad vertigo to the point where it made me nauseous all day long. I could barely go to the grocery store the lighting and having to focus was the worst. Some days I felt like I was being a baby and over dramatic. I am so thankful for this site and hearing everyone's stories. I felt alone and like no one understood what I was going through. I got sick the start of August, I started feeling better the beginning of September it took around a month to feel normal again. It's the end of September and now I'm sick again with a really bad chest infection. Ive been coughing up mucus for almost two weeks now waiting for it to go away. Should I be worried and go to the doctors again.? Or should I just wait till it passes? I get sick soo often almost every other month. I get chest infections / bronchitis atleast five times a year. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

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  • Hello, sounds like you have gone through a great deal. Listen to your body. If you have lung issues then it would be worth checking out. Hope you feel better soon!

  • I believe you should go to your Dr. Your body is still recovering, your system not yet ready to effectively deal with an insult like this. Please do, see your Dr.

    My very best to you in your recovery


  • Wish u the best, the vertigo & nausea was the worst, just behind bright lights & overwhelm to the point of tears. Time to heal, ur body got slammed, it's going to be vulnerable for at least a year. I had vertigo quit driving hanging onto walls, I got a sinus infection used mucinex, and guess what? My vertigo almost gone! Neurologist stated it was nerve damage, glad I got the sinus infection to find Claritin everyday to help. Never give up or in, you will get stronger and better. It's been 2 yrs for me, a lot of adapting, searching for answers, living with symptoms. Take care


  • Vertigo is super common. You had a nervous system infection so that makes sense. Don't avoid moving. See if you can get some PT for it. Start very small. It gets better. The lung issue sounds somewhat unrelated other than that your body is stressed.

  • From my experience the immune takes a big hit after VM. I'm constantly ill & recovery is longer. It takes a long time to recover fully. I'm 18mths post VM & still have fatigue & concentration problems. My immune is weak & im catching viruses more frequently as well as coldsores & generally under the weather.

    I've just started craniosacral therapy & im hoping this helps.

    We just need to listen to our bodies & take time to heal.

  • Hello, Omg I'm so glad I found this site! I thought I was going crazy or being a big baby! I was in the hospital last month for 7 days with vm. I was sick for a week at home with sometimes high fevers that would come and go. Nights were the worst. My whole body hurt head to toe. I knew I was sick or my body was really fighting something but the only symptoms I had was fever ,body aches and headache. I felt stupid calling up my Dr and saying " hey I have a bad fever and hurt all over" plus I had stuff to do , people to take care of. Finally I went to a walk in clinic , he took on look at me and said " you're to sick for me to treat here, I have to send you to the ER".

    The neurologist warned me that I would need time to heal. But it's been over a month and I'm still struggling !?!? The fatigue is terrible and I'm normally a very active person. My eyes are still some what sensitive to light as well

    Did the doctors tell you what a normal recovery time should be. I should probably go back to the Dr but things have been crazy around here in Stuart Fl with the hurricane and other health issues in the family. . I hope you are feeling better. You should probably get that chest infection treated. Thanks to anyone who bothered to read this

  • Hello I have not felt well for over a year and in August came down with shingles and a week and a half later was diagnosed with viral meningitis. I have been very healthy and for some reason I was getting seriously sick. I knew there had to be a reason my immune system was so low. I sat and thought back about what could have caused all of this and remembered after being in the woods walking my dogs a few days later had itched my head and what I thought was a scab had actually had been a tick. I have recently requested a lyme test and sure enough I had lyme disease. The reason I am writing this is because I was never tested for this until I asked for it. I am now being treated for it and am taking a vitamin regimen to boost my immune system. I just thought that if there was someone who had the same experience as myself and could be possibly be infected that you are getting the right diagnosis and treatment. I wish you all the best in healing and to feel well again!

  • Hi there, please read my daughter, Rosie S's Story on this site. She, like you was in a terrible state post VM for near on two years, but after having some cranial massage sessions, from a cranial osteopath, she is pretty much cured and feels back to her old self. It's the only thing that worked for her after trying antidepressants and varied painkillers. This has been such a recent breakthrough, that she has been in local newspapers and now a radio station would like to interview her in order to spread the word. Wishing you luck with your recovery. Xx

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