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TB Meningitis

My dearest sister who is 33 years old, was diagnosed with Tb meningitis in May 2017, she never complete her full course of medication. She was doing okay, just headaches here and there. last week, while taking a shower she had fell, we not sure if she fell or it was an Elliptic attack.

Since yesterday she is now in a coma and on a ventilator, she is completely unresponsive.

Doctors says there is too much of fluid in her brain and they are refusing to operate on her as the operation could not be successful.

She has two little beautiful girls that are waiting for their mom to come out of this

It is really difficult to watch this happening and not being able to do anything about it

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My sister also have the same sickness for 3days now and the doctors say there is nothing much they can do but continue to give her the medication. For now I put my hope to sister has 3kids now they can't eat ,play or do what other kids do.Tb meningitis is a serious sickness because my sister is seriously ill and what makes me more sad is the doctors don't give us any hope of life.


Don't loose hope. My cousin had similar complications, was unconsious for almost four months, and lost mobility in part of her body and the ability to swallow, she is 38 yr and has a child. The Tb antibiotics take a while to show they are working... but they are. My cousin is getting better, can move every part of her body, eats normally and still has some neurological complications but very gradually showing improvement. I know is very difficult to be patient under such circunstances, but deffinitely the antibiotics will work. When your daughter gets better she must consume probiotics to increase her immunilogical system. In fact I would give them to her girls right now.


My sister passed away last wednesday


So sorry to hear that.

My condolences to all the family.

Rip CharleenVictor sister.


Thank you so much Lordsnow.


RIP Charlene/Victors sister. Condolences to Charleen/Victor.


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