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TB Meningitis… ???

Hello friends,

How you all are doing?

You helped me alot in understanding and dealing with meningitis as a caretaker.

My fiancee contracted tb meningitis in July 2014 and I'm continuously sharing her progress here and requesting you to advise me so that I can help her further.

So now she is almost fine mentally, can remember things, can reply to questions reasonably, can play some easy brain games and win, but mood swings and drowsyness is there. So while she made a good progress mentally, she still has issues physically. She is still not able to walk on her own as she still has spasm in her left leg and weakness in her right arm.I'm very much concerned for this reason. Please advise me how can I help her and share your personal experiences so that I can help her to get better.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Anuj,

I THINK you mean July 2013 (not 2014) was when she first contracted meningitis?

I'm happy to hear that she's almost fine mentally now. Yea!

Regarding her walking, can she now walk while using a walker? (I don't know if that's the same word in India.)



Yes Pam,

It was July 2013. Sorry I messed up. You helped a lot during this time. We also had conversation over email if u remember.

So guide me plz, how can I help her to recover well physically… ???

And she can walk with some aid but not independently. Also she has weakness in her right arm so she use that very less, however she was a righty…



Pleased to hear that positive recovery is continuing. That is brilliant that her cognitive recovery has been so good.

Yes you are right ignoreit in pointing out to Anuj that it was 2013 - I noticed that on his last post too but I guess losing track of time does happen when we're dealing with such long difficult journeys of recovery. I still am surprised by how many years have past for me when I think about it as it still seems like a recent thing!


Thanks for ur kind reply.

I mess about time sometimes sorry for that.

How can I further help her physical recovery?

Please guide.



The only thing I can suggest is regular exercise to improve strength, movement and flexibility. It maybe uncomfortable to do but as the saying goes 'no pain no gain' and the more she moves and uses the stiff and weak limbs that situation should improve. The longer she avoids using her weak arm it will not be able to recover. I have no comprehension of what is available to you where you live but going to a swimming pool and moving about in water is usually helpful to physical recovery.

Best wishes



I think tb spread through her brain and the medication time is 18 months as I was told so.So, please consult your neurologist...and plz don't stop physio therapy...


Thanks for your reply.

Did yiu face similar issues??

Yes, 18 months time is almost complete as she first contracted in july 2013. She's going to see her neurologist this week.

Please guide how can I help her further.

Thanks a ton for replying.


Thank u,

Yes I'm having same kind of issues,I cant walk properly.sometimes I feel my legs so heavy n some times I feel like I'm walking on a cactus.last time when I saw my neurologist he suggested me MRI test and the result is I've root compressed in my lower spines...but It 'll be ok soon

If it might help


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