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Heart Palpitations / Chest pain post viral meningitis

Hi I'm just wondering has anybody else experienced heart palpitations or chest pain after having viral meningitis? I was diagnosed on 7th July 2017 with VM and about 5 weeks later chest pain and then palpitations began. I get the palpitations daily whereas chest pains come and go. I've had 2 ECGs and 2 blood tests which were all normal. I'm waiting to have a holter monitor at the end of October. It's causing me a lot of worry and I'm not sure if it's related to the meningitis or not. If anybody has any insight I'd be really grateful to hear from you.

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Hi there, please read my daughter, Rosie S's Story on this site. She, like you was in a terrible state post VM, but after having some cranial massage sessions, from a cranial osteopath, she is pretty much cured and feels back to her old self. It's the only thing that worked for her after trying antidepressants and varied painkillers. This has been such a recent breakthrough, that she has been in local newspapers and now a radio station would like to interview her in order to spread the word. Wishing you luck with your recovery. Xx

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Hello Kawt , I to have been having palpitations among other things of course. I saw my Dr yesterday and of course no palpitations while I was there. Iv never had them before. I'm 48 yrs old. I'm about 6 weeks out from vm and still in recovery. He did send me for blood work and mentioned a monitor. Keep me posted how things go for you if that's ok....... julie

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I had VM during Laborday weekend. I was hospitalized for 3 days but was told to remain for another 2 weeks. I didn't have insurance so ifcoarse I left against medical advice. It took 3 weeks to start feeling human again. I too have been suffering from heart palpitations. Especially when I am at rest. It scares me a lot. I am considering following up with a specialist regarding this. I also wonder if this is a side affect from the meningitis. This is also my second time diagnosed with the meningitis.


Thank you all for your comments. I only saw them now so apologies for late response. I am also a member of the Facebook viral meningitis group and another member mentioned a condition called POTs and to do a poor man's tilt test to see if it relates to me. I googled it and it could be a possibility as can be brought on by viral illness and lots of bed rest. I have yet to do poor mans tilt test at home, but thought I'd mention it here in case it relates to any of you. Also, 7 days ago I started taking 30mg of CQ10 and I have to say that I didn't experience any palpitations for 2 out of the 7 days. And when I have felt them, they were to a much lesser degree. I am thinking of increasing the dose in a couple of weeks to see if it helps further. I too wonder if it's a side effect of the meningitis but it's so difficult to tell. Keep me posted on how you're getting on or if you have any insights along the way. Prayers for recovery for us all


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