Viral Meningitis - Back pain 4 years on

Hi everyone, i'm new here and looking for info or help. i am 30 and have suffered with lower back pain from around 16 years old. i was diagnosed with viral meningitis and hospitalised in June 2014 and was in hospital for a couple of weeks. i thought i had made a full recovery although i had progressing back pain.

Then 14 months later i had a very bad sciatic nerve attack which lasted around 2 weeks, unable to walk or move without pain. Since this attack it has happened numerous times over the years and has had a major impact on my life.

i now suffer with anxiety, depression and constant weakness and pain in my back and left leg. i have been seen by specialists in arthritis and pain management but neither can understand why i have not recovered from the first sciatic attack which has led me to question, did the Viral Meningitis have an effect on me which has caused all this ?

Thank you



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  • I cannot speak to the sciatic pain or symptoms caused by that. I have had meningitis viral called Mollartes meningitis with about 17 hospitalizations and approx 30 spinal taps. I can speak to the symptoms residual to meningitis. I have fatigue always, stiff neck, thoracic back pain and occasionally lower back pain. I have photophobia and cannot be in the sun without immediate worsening and sever headaches. I have a pressure feeling on the temples oh my head and ringing in my ears most of the time, with nausea, and memory issues. Some days I cave in and take a pain pill, but not everyday. I feel like I want to sleep, but often cannot. These symptoms are very common I think with several who have reoccurent cases of viral meningitis, freq diagnosised as Mollarets.

  • I have the same problems, sometimes my legs will not move, feel like jelly. Doctors have tested me for everything. I had meningitis in 2012 and still have problems

  • I had bacterial meningitis and had 3 spinal tabs. I have had that same exact lowet bk pain, its bad, hurts to walk , stand up, sit down, to move at all is a task, my drs dont understand y i am still hurting either but i did a lil research, the spinal tabs can cause permanent nerve damage

  • thank you for the replies everyone, i have no idea what to do next as i am being passed from consultant to consultant and none know why i have not recovered from the sciatic flair up in 2015. i believe that the viral meningitis and the spinal exams may have something to do with it but im no expert, just struggling with day to day life.


  • I had VM in May 2017 and am having many of the symptoms you express, especially back pain. Like a crushing fiery molten liquid flowing around my spine. I've had frequent headaches, photophobia, and also diagnosed with Small Fiber Polyneuropathy. Combined with arthritis and degenerative disc disease in my neck, I'm feeling like a crushed pumpkin lately. Smoking lots of mmj because I refuse to take opioids. It helps, if not by relief of pain, at least I care much, much less during the afternoon/evening hours when I can safely use that. It is now August, almost September 2017. So only 3 mnths post.

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