Ear problems post viral meningitis

Hi just after a bit of advice as I feel I may be overreacting. Since having viral meningitis in Feb I've had a few other illnesses such as a cold chesty cough etc and an ear infection. Well I'm quite concerned since having the ear infection as my ear keeps feeling like it's going to pop or feels blocked and has what sounds like a pulsating noises When I lay down. Has anyone else had ear problems as my doctor said last time I went a few weeks ago that everything looks ok. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid 😩 Thanks you

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  • It is not unusual to be susceptible to more coughs/colds etc after meningitis because our immune system has taken a bit of a battering.  Take a look at the British Tinnitus Association website (BTA) at Pulsatile Tinnitus because that may explain what you are experiencing. It is not uncommon to sometimes hear a pulsating sound in our ears but I agree it is a bit unnerving. My BM crossed the blood brain barrier from an ear infection which had to be drained and a grommet put in my ear drum. I used to hear that pulsing in my ear for sometime too but it has now stopped. 

  • Almost 3 years in & I'm still getting the ear noise. But after listening to my body for 3 years, when the ear noise come, a headache is right behind it. It's amazing how much your body changes due to this illness. Take notes. When something different happens, take note. Your body is sort a like new again. You have to listen to it to understand what's going on. It's definitely life changing. But it gets better with time. I hope this helps!

  • Hi, I've had something similar. My ears feel like they are blocked & a little echoey like being on a plane with the pressure. I'm going to ask the neurologist when I finally get my appointment. I agree with you, it's unnerving & we never know if these things are related to VM or not. So very little help out there. My GP is no help at all. 

  • Hi. I'm recovering from VM in January this year. I have exactly the same symptoms as you. ( i had other symptoms but they have more or less subsided) I'm now left with fatigue and ear problems. I have pulsatile tinnitus with ringing and heartbeat sounds in my ears. I deal with it by going to sleep with the radio on. The good news is that it is lessening very slightly each week. I'm hoping that it will disappear altogether eventually. You're a month behind me so hopefully it will improve for you too  

    Don't forget youve had a brain illness so be patient and be kind to yourself  

  • Thank you for your replies. So least I'm not going crazy then. I've recently returned to work but wish I hadn't gone back yet. Fatigue still effects me although we just have to soldier on especially when I have 3 little children but on the other hand a very hands on hubby 

  • It may be a good idea to ask for an hearing and pressure test. I had one as my balance has been affected. I am told that meningitis can affect the ears and hearing. Might be worth doing. I have found the specialist doctors to be very understanding and helpful . X

  • Did your results come back normal? Thanks for that it's probably a good idea and I've got an appt booked next week to see the doctor so I will ask thank you

  • My hearing results were ok, no damage but my visual balance has been affected and my balance is terrible so I am having physiotherapy for that now. X

  • Hello there I know exactly what your going through I to get the heartbeat sound along with swooshing in the ear and to like someone else posted when I start to get it more intense a headache comes on and through the whole awful headache it gets worse. Going to bed I dread becausr its so strong have issues sleeping but I to went to a hearing Doctor did tests and unfortunately my hearing in the left ear was affected I will need to wear a aid to help with my ear. Little sad about it but honestly I'm just happy to be alive and fighting this illness. My days are some good some bad but over all I'm left with hearing issues along with fatigue and some anxiety. I pray in time I will recover fully it's been 6 weeks. Staying positive is what I will do and seek God for he knows my heart 🙌

  • 6 weeks is still very early days so take your time. It's taken me 3 months to get back to work and today I've done my first full day and I'm exhausted. I think I need to get my ears checked as if I'm rushing around soon as I sit and rest I get noises and pulsating in my ear and bedtime is the worse too. Up until recently my headaches had gone but I seem to of developed a daily headache now which is frustrating. Take care

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