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Another update

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As of September 7th we are re challenging the Taf/Mek targeted therapy. We will wait 2ish weeks and see if there is a response. Dr wants to order ipilimumab because it targets different cells than Keytruda was. And that will be the next treatment if this doesn’t work. Still have some things in mind that we will discuss at his appt this upcoming week. He is in so much pain. I took a leave of absence from work to be with him.

And to everyone - we are now Mr and Mrs Cumberland as of September 4! Wedding was beautiful and everything we had ever wanted. ❤️

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So very beautiful ! Congratulations Kelly and Ryan . You are such a committed and loving couple and your wedding is a testament to that enormous love .I am thrilled for you. 💕

And may Ryan have a great response from Taf/ Mek. Keep us posted

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May your love continue to be multiplied. Missy

Congratulations Ryan & Kelly. I’m so glad your day was everything you wanted. God has blessed you with much. So happy you are living life to the fullest that you can. You are a wonderful caregiver. Prayers for Ryan that the medication is working, and that he can get this pain under control. Michele

Congratulations Kelly and Ryan! Sending prayers in hoping this new therapy is successful.

Congratulations and what a beautiful picture! Hoping for a good response on Taf/Mek and without side effects. Glad to hear you have more options up your sleeves too! Big hug 🥰, Nadia

Congratulations and may you have a wonderful life together, with all the love in the world, I am so happy for you 🥰🍾🎉💐

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