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Priority review of relatimab plus nivo

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This just popped up in my feed.

Sounds promising at first glance .

September 20, 2021

FDA grants priority review to relatlimab-nivolumab regimen for advanced melanoma

Does anyone know what this “priority review” means in regards to when this combination would become available to patients ?


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Here is Evan Lipson reviewing the ASCO data on this

Here is where they discuss the same research, and timeline for FDA review. Until then, this remains an experimental protocol (off label)


Missy you never cease to amaze me with the depth and breadth of you knowledge. We are just about ready to sign on for a trial using Ipi and FLX 475.

This relatimab combo sounds even better to me . My head is spinning right now but do you know if the Relatimab can be prescribed off

label ?? We have an appointment with UCLA tomorrow and will ask what they know .

oh i found my own answer : Relatimab can’t yet be prescribed off label . Guess it goes on our list for future options. -March 2022 is a bit long to wait !

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missyrandAmbassador in reply to strawberryjam

Good to ask during your consult. Continuing to keep you in my thoughts. Missy

Keep that combo in your back pocket! It’s the trial my husband was on and reacted so well to. We are very happy it is advancing as a possible new treatment option. Hope all goes well with your son

Love ❤️

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