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Return to Work blessing

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This has been a good week for Wayne and for me. He started back to work remotely this week and will brave the Metro in mask with the other Blue/ Yellow line challenged on Monday while I head out of town for several days for work. We received encouraging news on his blood work Tuesday and all is on track and we hope his Chuck Norris TIL cells are kicking some melanoma butt. We got the "all clear" to go on our long anticipated trip to Alaska mid-June-July1, so we can see an almost normal life returning to us for a while.

This weekend one of our daughter's is coming to visit to treat me to a concert at Wolftrap for my birthday. Too many people for Wayne in an outdoor venue, so I'm taking our dear friend and bandmate with as my "date". Feeling so grateful to be able to plan an activity like this and feeling confident Wayne is good on his own at home with a lovely meal made by one of our church friends.

I'll be there on the hill enjoying Lake Street Dive and The Wolf Brothers wearing sun protective clothing by Coolibar. If you don't know this company, I recommend checking them out. All their clothes are SPF50, lightweight, and they have become a corporate supporter of the Melanoma Research Foundation. Check out their Be Brave shirts for which 100% of proceeds go to MRF (yes, this is a shameless commercial...). Wayne has been wearing their clothes for a couple of years now, and I just dramatically expanded my wardrobe thanks to an outrageously generous Coolibar box delivered to us when Wayne was at VCU: hats, shirts, skirts, pants and a surfshirt. Washing tip: any SPF clothing can be washed by machine, but should never go in the dryer as it damages the protective design. I'm all set to travel to Alaska for the summer soltice thanks to Coolibar.

Scans on June17 will inform us as to how the TIL trial is affecting the melanoma, including a punch biopsy of a skin lesion so they can look to see if the lymphocytes are attacking the tumor.



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Thanks for sharing. It is wonderful to hear how life is resuming a normal - makes my heart happy.

As always I feel so fortunate to have found this site for inspiration, Hope, support and the knowledge that is shared!

I am thrilled for you . You two were so brave and now you are reaping the rewards. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy . I am

so grateful that researchers keep working toward better and better treatments for melanoma . Keep us posted.

I second the shout out for Coolibar. I have worn it since my diagnosis ten years ago. It is really

comfortable. My signature new baby gift is a sun protective

outfit for the little ones brand new skin.

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missyrandAmbassador in reply to strawberryjam

For our new great nephew we also delivered a wide brim hat and sunscreen 😁


All this sounds so very encouraging. Glad Wayne is able to return to a somewhat normal life, and you are able to travel for work as well. It is so important to resume a somewhat normal life. I hope that the TIL cells continue to kick the melanoma’s butt. Sounds like you have a lot planned. Enjoy yourself, and Alaska sounds awesome. That is going to be a fabulous trip. We were supposed to go when Mark was 1st diagnosed, and had to cancel. We hope to one day be able to make the trip. Marks dream is to fish there. I am aware of the clothing line, never heard of the T-shirt, I will have to check that out. Thanks for the tip.

Marks scans were moved from the 5th to the 10th because of a scheduling error, so we are a little stressed right now with no treatment for 3 months, but trying to focus on my daughter and grandkids coming to visit next weekend for 2 weeks😄😄


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missyrandAmbassador in reply to SGHSweethearts

Enjoy the family and hoping for positive scan results. Scanxiety management is, as you well know, an ongoing skill practice drill.

I’m not a fishing fan, but salmon and halibut on my plate are favorites!!


So happy for you guys! Resuming what we were used to was the best feeling. Sending awesome vibes your way!

That is such good news. Things getting back to normal and hoping the melanoma cells getting kicked. Hope you have a great trip, so good to get your mind of things and enjoy nature.

We were in Ann Arbor today for my husband's pet scan. Oncologist next week, keeping fingers crossed for best results.

Good vibrations for all


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missyrandAmbassador in reply to doulagirl

Fingers crossed with you Dorothe.

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missyrandAmbassador in reply to doulagirl

Any results back yet?


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doulagirl in reply to missyrand

We meet our oncologist tomorrow morning. I am sure the results are already on his desk, but we haven't seen them yet. Will give you an update tomorrow afternoon, thank you for reminding!

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