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What to expect at first rheumatology appt

Hi all

I'm currently two months into a four month wait to see a rheumatologist for suspected ME. My symptoms vary (see previous posts if you're interested) but mirror hypothyroidism despite blood tests saying it's fine. Anyway I'm playing along and doing as I'm told, whilst trying to self medicate to at least make me function. And so far I'm coping ok with a mixture of exercise, LOTS of sleep, and a whole host of supplements including protein, amino acids, magnesium and loads other spread out over the day (a total of about 25 pills!!!). Far from ideal but I can at least function.

Anyway I was wondering what a rheumatologist will do on my first appointment as I want to go armed and ready. If blood tests are involved then I'll stop supplementing in the run up to ensure nothing is skewed. Or will they just take some details, have a think and then get me back in for a second appointment? Or will it be a series of appointments? I really don't know what to expect so any advice would help.

Many thanks


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If your symptoms mirror hypothyroidism then there's a good chance that this is the underlying issue. Do you have the exact numbers from your tests? If you have, or can get them, it would be worth posting on the ThyroidUK board.

I was diagnosed with CFS when I actually had a raft of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hypothyroidism.

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