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Fed up 😔

So annoyed with my doctor, went yesterday as in so much pain in back & hips, asked to be referred to orthopaedic dr & to get an MRI scan as last one was about 8 years ago. Dr said it's pointless getting an MRI as that's only if your going to get surgery- I told him that was rubbish as it can tell if there's any difference between my scan from years ago to today- he won't refer me. I said I was going to go private then, his reply was it's the same Drs that do private & NHS, I said I know but at least if I'm paying I can get it done, he told me if you feel you need an MRI then go private. Was so bloody annoyed.

I then asked him for some stronger painkillers, I get terrible side effects from the majority of them except Amitryptyline so he said let's start on a lower dosage of ones you've already had so I'm now on 100 mg of Gabapentin.

I feel I'm going backwards instead of forwards & so fed up.

Sorry for rambling on.

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Sometimes it can feel the Drs are conspiring against us. My heart goes out to you having to deal with an oaf like that. He is one of the ones that obviously don't know what to do so they do next to nothing.

He's likely thought unless you are going for surgery it will only tell that you have damage. The amount of damage doesn't relate to pain felt - you could have a lot of damage and little pain or a little damage and a lot of pain and everything in between. Long story short he'll be none the wiser and he likely doesn't care how wise you are! The GP's are private workers within the NHS holding their own budgets which means if they can save on something they will.

Have you the opportunity to change Drs? Can you get referred to a pain clinic? Would you consider a complaint? Might bring them round to the fact that their treatment needs to buck up.

With the pause that is on our lives and the lack of ability to progress it can be very disheartening when we meet professionals that don't understand the gravity of it all. It may only be their job, and a small fraction of their job at that but it is our lives! Pity they couldn't be trained to understand that.


Hi Raffs, thanks for responding. No other surgeries are taking on new patients, so unfortunately I am stuck 😔 I have been to a pain clinic but it wasnt for me, it was sitting talking about the pain your in, pacing yourself & getting told it's not all in your head having chronic pain.

I'm going to have a look at going private for an MRI, just need to win the lottery lol


I found the groups awful negative and resigned and couldn't stay awake in them anyway but when the pain clinic guy prescribed stronger drugs my GP was happy enough to up them and change them so it was useful.


Far better to save on mri scan and go to see a private pain doctor,They are usually anaesthesiologists .I have fibro nad severe M.E and my pain needs were not being met due to drs fear of giving strong opiates.I got given the fentanyl patch.It works really well for me.

Good luck .


Medication we were on wasn't even mentioned at the pain clinic I went to Raffs


That is pretty crappy. No that is sh1te! Pain is multi faceted. We should be looking at it physically and mentally - how we cope with it and life as stress makes pain worse; our diet, certain foods like gluten are inflammatory and best avoided for some; how we adjust our gait/stature to compensate can cause further pain/problems and of course drug treatments to lessen the pain and/or improve mood/decrease stress. Of course there is a social aspect to the pain that would need to be addressed as social isolation is a real problem with long term conditions too.

Man you got the short end of the stick with the pain clinic. I got to see a pain consultant as well as getting into a group that involved a physiotherapist, nurse and someone else I can't remember and also a referral for CBT.

Unfortunately the consultant was a complete dick and I put in a complaint and got seen by a fantastic Dr who not only developed a plan that worked but we also discussed a back up for when I became tolerant to the drugs and needed a change. I was so angry at the terrible visit that I complained and thank God I did. I will never be treated shabbily by anyone again. To quote the Manic Street Preachers: If we tolerate this then our children will be next! If we allow Ego maniacal Drs to continue then others will suffer.

The CBT never got passed the assessment and the groups as I mentioned weren't any good as I knew more than was being taught, (meditation, mindfulness, exercises,etc), couldn't attend easily due to the ME and as said the people were so negative and appeared to want someone to help them without them doing the work or taking responsibility for their conditions themselves.

I do genuinely believe that by complaining I got a better service. I think you have a valid reason to complain, not only about your GP but the pain clinic too imho.


Hi Cathy1965,

You have been treated terribly by your GP and I feel for you, I really do. Are there any other GP's you can see at your surgery?

I can only endorse what raffs has said/recommended.

Take care Cathy1965

Lottie x

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Thanks Lottie, unfortunately all the drs at my surgery are the exact same - not interested. Xx


That is just awful Cathy1965. I do not know what else to suggest. We are here for you.

Lottie xx


Hi Cathy, keep going back to the GPs until they get fed up with you coming.

Failing that go to AnE and they will have no alternative but to give you an NHS MRI.

Why should you pay when it's meant to be a service for people just like you in your situation.

Don't give in, it can get very costly. I too have had some very bad experiences with the NHS and GPs but I like to think like I'm a bad smell if they don't hear what I'm saying. You know your body and if the pain has changed or got worse or is constant then you need it checked out x

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