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First attempt at 15K ended at 5K

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DodgylungsHalf Marathon
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My first attempt at 15K brought the realisation that the two weeks break I took has affected my fitness levels. I was fatigued today and felt I’d be happy with 5K and try again another day.

I have started running around Regents Park which is fairly flat terrain and I find any new course requires some familiarity before I feel comfortable running. One circuit of the park was only 5K which surprised me as it felt longer. No matter I’ll try a 10K on Tuesday and then give 15K another try when I feel less tired.

6 Replies
Fran6500 profile image
Fran6500Half Marathon

5km after your two weeks break is still good. Disappointing when this happens but you did the right thing shortening the run given your fatigue

Instructor57 profile image

5k is fine , I'm surprised you expected to do15k after a 2 week gap !

a_in_gsr profile image
a_in_gsrHalf Marathon

At least in my experience, 2 weeks definitely does not impact you fitness in the long run. After a couple of days it was back to normal :)

Good luck with your next runs!

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Sandraj39Half Marathon

You were right to list to your body Dodgylungs - hopefully you can build back up to where you want to be soon.🤞🙂

cheekychipmunks profile image
cheekychipmunksHalf Marathon

Smart move not pushing on regardless Dodgy. Your body decided that was enough today and you listened. You’ll get to your 15k, no rush. 😀

Couchphoenix profile image
CouchphoenixHalf Marathon

You made the right choice, disappointing though it is at the time. Two weeks off does make a difference, but you’ll find the next run will be a good one, I’ve found the first one is the toughest, but next one is always much better 👍

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