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15K destination reached!

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I participated in a 15K event today as part of my long march to the marathon start line in July next year . Managed a finish in just under 2 hours ( won my male 70+ age group with it) which was my goal. I needed to get this time to place me firmly on track for a 6 hours 20 finish ( cutoff time) next year. It was VERY hot today - and I was pretty much done by the end - can't really imagine running for almost 3 times this distance. The next stop on my training train will be a HM in early march ( after Summer)

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AgelesslassMetric Marathon

So very pleased that you managed to achieve 15k distance, it’s not easy and you should be very proud of yourself.

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Bazza1234Marathon in reply to Agelesslass

I have run 15K many times before - but never in an actual event. I have completed 3xHM events. In fact I am running much slower these days - but am using a calculator to tell me what times I should be running for intermediate events as I progress to the full Marathon ( with a finish time of 6 hours 20 minutes - cutoff time)

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AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Bazza1234

Really well done Sir 👍👍

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It's not easy doing the long distances in warm weather Bazza. I ran a 14km in the summer when it was around 30 degrees and at the end of that run I too had my doubts about running 42km three months later In Tallinn. On reflection that 14km at 30 degrees was about the same level grief as 30km+ runs in 20 degree weather I ran later in run up to the marathon. Your marathon is in early Aussie autumn? So you could be lucky and get 18-20 degrees or unlucky and get upto 25 degrees? When the weather cools off and you are running longer training runs you'll be able to judge more easily. Once you get to 30km you'll be able to ask yourself "Could I run/walk or walk/run another 12km?" at that point you'll have a better idea of where you are at with your training and mental preparation.

I might have asked this before but are there not indoor tracks/arenas in your area? Aussieland has the weather climate challenges that Finland has too (just the other end of the thermometer!) We've got indoor tracks/arenas for when it's minus 30 outside and underground skiing tracks for summer cross-country skiing nuts.

goo.gl/images/5ZsdfE running track on 2 levels i.e. figure of 8

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Bazza1234Marathon in reply to Lordi

No all running here is done outside. We just have to get it all done by 7AM in summer :( My marathon attempt will be in early July -- that is our "winter" but a Queensland/Gold Coast winter is around 25C at midday - maybe 8C early morning.

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Congratulations Bazza! I find it hard to run in the heat. You’re set nicely for that March HM

Brilliant! 🎉 Just brilliant! 🎉🎉

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