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Getting back on the horse after the Luxembourg disaster...


I want to write this out, so that it clarifies to me why I have decided to run a half marathon 5 weeks after the worst marathon experience of my running life... so, here it goes...

I was not happy after the disaster at the Luxembourg marathon. It is not only a matter of time. I felt hurt and was not sure why... I was in a lot of pain for about a week, but probably my legs didn't suffer too much and I was also not happy with how my 4 months long preparation finished. So I have decided to test myself with a few sessions and see if i could get back in time for the Lisburn half marathon (20th of June), which meant recover, go back to training, and get faster from the long marathon running, in 5 weeks. Not a lot of time if you want to run your PB, but enough if you want to run a HM to get the race and speed feeling back in your brain and muscles.

Here is how it went. The first week after the marathon I only ran about 11 miles in total, very slowly. the second week I was travelling and I tested my legs with a tempo run (2 miles at 7', in a 5 miles run) and a few intervals (5X0.25 miles. + 1X0.4 mile. at 6' per mile with slow recovery (0.25 at 10'). this was in a 5 miles run as well.

The week finishing today was the 3rd week after the marathon. I ran about 44 miles with a couple of very good sessions (8miles with 4 tempo run at 7' per mile and intervals on the local track - 5X800 mt. at 3'06'' with 3/400 mt. slow recovery). I was ok after the intervals, and they were so precise that I felt in control. So I decided to sign up for the HM on the 20th of June.

This is only 16 days away now, so there is not much room for improvement (and today I ran almost 13 miles in 1h45', but I was not able to run more... so it could be difficult to run the HM as i want in 2 weeks).

My objective is to test my mind and body on the 7' per mile for as far as I can go (even if I can only do a 10k) and then finish the race as I can. This should help me with the real objective of this year: running 13.1 miles in less than 90' (hopefully in Belfast at the end of September)

I will keep you posted and let you know how it will go :)

happy running


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Crikey! That’s pretty full on. Planned to the enth degree 🙂 I hope it all goes well and there are no hiccups along the way.

Bon voyage 👍😃🏅💪

marco83Marathon in reply to misswobble

Plans are made so that there can be hiccups... but I will be sure to enjoy running :) have a great rest of the weekend (almost over...) I am on my way to Amsterdam for work... probably won't train a lot in the next few days (hiccup...)


Wow you seem laser focused and really well prepared Marco. Wishing you all the best with the balance of your training and for your race of course too.


I completely understand how you feel. When a race goes so counter to plan, you want to get out there and prove that your training served a purpose. Your plan for Lisbon sounds good, and I'm sure it will go well.


Wonderful! Really looking forward to those updates!!!


This Sunday was the last opportunity to test for my half Marathon fitness before the taper week (race on the 20th!) and it went incredibly fast. for those who are not following the speed challenge posts:

the idea was to run 16 miles with a 3 to 6 miles in the middle at race pace. I started well with the first 4 miles in 32:30, then I run 2 miles in 15'. Then I started the race pace 6 miles (what I wanted to be at 7' mile). I knew well where every two miles were, so I could check, and I was very surprised. I knew I was running strong, but the legs were responding well, so I decided to keep going.

First 2 miles came in 13'. I was a bit scared that was too fast, but I decided to keep it (also cause there is a hill in the middle of the second 2 mile. I passed 4 miles in 26'. It didn't feel to difficult, so I decided to keep going.

I finished the middle 6 miles in 37:30 (the goal was 42'!).

Looking at the times, this morning I have probably run my best 10K (well below 40') , 8 miles in 52'30, considering that my target for this challenge was 8.3 miles in less than 1:1:30, I think I achieved it!!! and half marathon distance (even if I slowed down I passed at 12 miles in 1:25:00, so I must have reached the 13.1 miles in less than 1:35:00 - or very close to that).

I also closed the 16 miles in 1h 57', which is my best ever time on the distance. Interval definitely helped!!!

The projection for the Half marathon time is ~1h25' but I think I will stick with the plan and aim for 1h 30 as I feel too much speed in a HM too soon could get me in troubles with injuries...

I'll let you know! happy running!!!

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